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Tap into corporate giving here at Benevity Causes

Benevity Causes is where charities like you get access to more funds from Benevity’s corporate clients.
We’re a software company (and registered B Corporation) powering giving & matching programs for some of
the world’s most notable companies. Use the Benevity Causes Portal to reach potential donors
with content you create and control. We’ve started a Cause Profile you will use to see donor
reports and share your mission with our clients. Access it (and improve it!) right now by Claiming your Cause.
Have you already received a donation through Benevity? Access donor reports and acknowledge your donors by Claiming your Cause.


What's in it for you?

We’re glad you asked!

  • Connect with Corporate Matching

    Tap into corporate giving, including fundraising campaigns, customer and employee donations and company matching funds, through your Cause Profile. Increase exposure and steer more donors and volunteers towards supporting your programs.
  • Update Your Cause Profile

    Your Cause Profile is how employees and customers of Benevity clients find and give to your organization. A profile rich in detail will help educate potential donors and increase the likelihood that Benevity users will select your organization. Add or update your logo, a summary of what you do, relevant search tags, your website and social media outlets to increase exposure.
  • Access Detailed Donor Reports

    Detailed reports are automatically posted to your Cause Profile and accessible when disbursements are received so charities can easily track donations. Depending on the individual privacy settings of the donors, you will find a list of their names and comments so you can thank them.
  • Receive Funds Faster

    Benevity is committed to helping improve the charitable landscape by providing the platform that facilitates & automates donation processing, aggregation, distribution, and tax receipting. Charities can reduce the time and money they spend on administration and receive funds faster by registering for EFT (electronic funds transfer) payments.
  • Recruit New Volunteers

    Broaden your reach, increase the interaction users have with your cause and receive more contributions by creating and publishing high quality, engaging Volunteer Opportunities, which are made available to Benevity clients to display in their giving programs. Did you know volunteers tend to give 5 times more than non-volunteers?