Chicas en Tecnologia Asociacion Civil

CABA, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, 1004 Argentina

Mission Statement

Chicas en Tecnología -CET- is a non-profit civil society organization that has the purpose of reducing the technology gender gap in Argentina and Latin America. We promote systemic change to construct a technology that contributes to gender equity by generating evidence on digital gender gaps, training and supporting adolescent women, and strengthening the ecosystem that makes their academic and professional development possible.

About This Cause

Through its programs it fully motivates, trains and accompanies young and adolescent women between 13 and 23 years old in their development in STEM areas. The innovative methodology, based on a long-term vision, promotes a systemic change and the construction of an egalitarian and inclusive ecosystem through comprehensive education and three lines of action: RESEARCH: CET produces evidence on the gender gap in the areas of science and technology, disseminates data to raise awareness and provides recommendations to tackle the problem. It works in association with prestigious organizations such as IADB, ONU Women, Gender Scan for the construction of pertinent, contextualized and updated data from Argentina and Latin America. CET has accumulated data through 12 important research projects and surveys of its own and in partnership, deepening the understanding on relevant topics to reduce the gender gap in technology. The objective is to dig deeper into the perceptions of adolescent women regarding technology, their training preferences, the education, work and skills needed to their future, the place of women in careers and professional roles in STEM, intersecting with the challenges of the 21st century. Among the latest projects in 2021, is the exploratory research, first in Argentina, on how women use their cell phones, carried out together with Motorola; and at an international level the survey to measure the presence of women and LGBTIQ+ persons in the Latin American STEM sector in alliance with GenderScan. See more: TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: CET designs opportunities to meet young women where they are, so that any participant, from any socio-economic background can discover what technology has to offer, can receive accompaniment in the development of skills, and can be empowered to continue their academic and work paths. The programs are organized into strategic instances that gradually address the main challenges faced by young women, such as misinformation about educational/professional opportunities in STEM and lack of knowledge of female role-models. The first instance is motivation, to awaken young women interest in tech-areas; the second instance is initial training to bring participants closer to STEM disciplines; The third instance is continuous training, where participants are approached with proposals for educational/professional development together with professionals from the industry. Through Training and Development, more than 11.489 young women from 18 countries in Latin America acquired soft and impact skills, as well as technical-technological skills. By the end of 2021, 88.4% of the young women were interested in studying, working or researching in technological areas after participating in the CET programs and 80.2% clarified their vision regarding their work or academic future. More than 1.100 prototypes of technological solutions with social impact were created by the participants addressing problems (environmental pollution, bullying, gender violence, etc.) that concern them and their communities. By empowering young women to tackle challenges with a diverse perspective, the new programs have driven progress for years to come. Learn more about the young women´s trajectory through CET programs: ECOSYSTEM: CET Articulates with different organizations and people to generate cultural changes that enable the real access and permanence of young people in the academic and labor fields. Working in close collaboration with leaders of the entrepreneurial-technological and educational ecosystem, with governments, as well as with companies and other civil society organizations is essential to create solutions that integrate the voices and experiences of young people from all contexts. 75,000 people from different fields: families, educators, referents, mentors, decision-makers, and people from the technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem joined the challenge of reducing the gender gap in technological and entrepreneurial environments through Initiatives (talks, workshops, events, campaigns, etc.) This includes educators and teachers, who participate in training workshops to apply multimedia content proposals in their classrooms, adapt curricular content, eliminate gender biases and encourage the participation of women in STEM areas; and mentors, experts from STEM areas who serve as role models and accompany the young women in the path they decide to walk ahead. See more about events:

Chicas en Tecnologia Asociacion Civil
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