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CABA, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, 1004 Argentina

Mission Statement

Chicas En Tecnología promotes education free from gender stereotypes.Technology is our tool, through an articulated work with schools we achieve two main objectives, on the one hand, we train and support the next generation of women leaders in technology. On the other hand we develop skills in educators to replicate the system and guarantee quality education. We address the problem in a comprehensive manner in each of our programs and initiatives: we approach girls through logical thinking tools, promoting their skills in problem solving, creativity, communication, design, teamwork and entrepreneur strategies. With focus on the use of technology as a source of solving real problems, participants are challenged and appropriate the process of developing technological solutions in a practical way and close to the professional field. We are committed to preparing the next generation of girls to succeed in a changing global economy with rapid technological and digital transformations.

About This Cause

Chicas en Tecnología is a non-profit organization in Argentina that since 2015 seeks to close the gender gap in technology. Through our programs and initiatives we inspire, train and support the next generation of women leaders in technology. We encourage girls from an early age to consider technology as an ally to fulfill different purposes that impact their realities and communities. By articulating concepts and methodologies from Science, Technology, Mathematics, Art and Engineering (STEAM) with social impact, teenage girls identify a social issue in their communities and learn to program a mobile app to help solving it.

Our programs and initiatives are based on four pillars: Technology; Education; Leadership; Entrepreneurship. All of them crossed by a gender approach.

On the other hand, we propose to create an ecosystem of impact to work the gender gap, with that goal we generate a systematic change articulating with the public sector, private and civil society, to generate a sustainable and solid change. Our solutions are designed from Argentina to the region, to the world; contributing to a contextualized and replicable proposal while responding to our needs and experiences, to gain more impact, but also to inspire other countries.

Our main programs are:

Clubs: a free and open program aimed at girls from 13 to 17. The Clubs are implemented in educational institutions, led by their educators with the support of Chicas en Tecnología. The program is developed from face-to-face meetings and involves the spiraling approach of five central axes: Identification of problems; Ideation of solutions; Programming; Prototyping and Design; Communication and Marketing, which articulate school knowledge and skills of the technological entrepreneurial world. It implies: materials, training and accompaniment.

ComunidadCET: This program seeks to accompany young women to enhance their projects and themselves in the professional path they want to build.
It is a space of reference, meeting and opportunities in which the graduates of CET Clubs continue learning, they know references of the technological entrepreneurial environment and can access scholarships, workshops, talks, trainings and activities that motivate them in their professional and academic path.

Promoviendo Un Mundo Mejor (PUMM): an intensive technology program with social aims and entrepreneurial skills for girls from 13 to 17. The participants design and develop a mobile application that helps to solve a problem in their community in a creative and applicable way.

Research: a cross-sectional area of Girls in Technology that aims to collect, systematize, analyze and communicate data to enable strategic decision-making and innovation actions to facilitate access to STEAM areas (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). From this area, we conduct surveys and research, both managed on our own and in partnership, for debate, actions and positioning on the public agenda issues that are our main lines of work to close the gender gap in technology.

E-learning platform: The necessity of an online platform is to strengthen the bound and generate a virtual space to exchange experiences and opportunities among CET, the girls, IT referents and educators no matter where they are. Our commitment is to offer flexible and free education to bring each time more girls closer to STEM careers without gender bias.

Chicas en Tecnologia Asociacion Civil
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