BridgIT Water Foundation Ltd

Aspley, Queensland, 4034 Australia

Mission Statement

To provide suitable, accessible and sustainable water solutions to some of the poorest and most marginalised people in rural, peri-urban and small, remote villages in developing countries.

About This Cause

BridgIT Water Foundation is a result-focused Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to implementing programs to address the water crisis, one of the most urgent needs in the developing world today. BridgIT exists to provide safe drinking water supplies that promote sustainable development and improve the lives of those in developing rural communities without access to clean and safe water. Our vision is to save lives by providing improved drinking water that reduces water-borne diseases (such as cholera, dysentery, and diarrhoea) in rural areas of developing countries. Our strategic aim is to impact as many people as possible by increasing access to safe water that reduces poverty, saves lives and influences positive change to the beneficiaries we serve. For over a decade, BridgIT has worked tirelessly to bring the basic human right of safe, clean water to people living in rural areas of developing countries. As a result, 540 water systems have given over 1,000,000 people a safe water supply. Due to its low overhead, BridgIT provides an extremely high philanthropic return to its donors by providing water at AUD$2.40/beneficiary (about US$1.68 per person) for a sustainable and safe water supply. Strategic Goals: • Increase water access to the most impoverished • Contribute to sustainable rural development • Provide donor satisfaction through participatory relationships • Engage in strong partnerships BridgIT Aims: • To Promote Prosperity Broadly, BridgIT’s development approach is that our programs engage and empower the water scarcity communities to be self-reliant and independent. We train our communities to develop water sustainability strategies that free them from the constant search for safe water. • To Engage With Our Donors BridgIT matches our donors to the highest priority water scarcity communities in the developing countries in which we work. • To Ensure Value For Money BridgIT looks for cost-effective programs that offer the most bang-for-donor-buck and, as a result, can convert even the smallest of donations into great outcomes. • To Empower Women And Girls The most important stakeholder are the communities in which we work. Our implementing partners use a bottom-up participatory approach to include all community sections, including women and people with disabilities. • To Work With Effective Partners BridgIT’s Programs Are Successful Due To: • Careful program and needs analysis • Effective partnerships • Appropriate water solutions that suit the skills capability of the community • Supporting community capacity building activities directed at the sustainability of the water resource

BridgIT Water Foundation Ltd
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