Association Obrazovanje gradi Bosnu i Hercegovinu - Jovan Divjak

Sarajevo, Kanton Sarajevo, 71000 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mission Statement

The mission of the Association, under the motto "Children of war victims - our lasting concern", is defined by civic awareness and responsibility to help extremely vulnerable categories of children and youth to meet educational, recreational and cultural needs to become useful and progressive members of the community, and is in line with social interests and generally accepted international conventions on human rights and the rights of the child, and the values of philanthropy.

About This Cause

On July 28, 1994 amidst the hardest period the citizens of the capital of BiH had experienced during its centuries-long history, 58 citizens of Sarajevo – intellectuals, theatre employees, artists and writers, soldiers, policemen and ordinary citizens established Foundation/Association Educations Builds BiH, whose missions was children of war victims – our permanent concern, a crucial mission reflecting essential consequences of the war – destruction of educational institutions and collapse of the educational system. In twenty nine years of work, the Association is on daily service for children victims of war, children/young people with disabilities and talent, children/youth of the Roma national minority and underprivileged children/youth. The Association, with its door always open policy, has fully fulfilled the major part of its mission – we have primarily provided moral and then material support to children, young people and their parents/guardians of BiH. The Association assures scholarship funds through membership, organizing humanitarian concerts, selling exhibitions, printing and selling calendars (we are doing that for 22 years now), postcards and books, and through various educational projects and donations from business entities and individual contributions. Material support was provided through: • 8164 annual scholarships, including 2707 scholarships for children/young people of Roma national minority in the total value of BAM 7.425.825 (≈EUR 3.796.764,04); • 4.587 beneficiaries participated in tourist and educational projects in 18 European countries, Canada, Uruguay and at Lake Boračko in BiH; the total material value of journeys amounting to BAM 1.212.238 (≈EUR 619.807,48); • 46.637 children and young people have been given support in the form of school supplies, sports gear and other forms of material support, the value of which is BAM 3.201.801,71 (≈EUR 1.637.055,22); • For 1.163 beneficiaries, mothers and young people, we organized a psychosocial workshop worth BAM 1.007.901,14 (≈EUR 515.331,67); • For around twenty schools in BiH, the Association has donated teaching appliances, ceramic boards, computer equipment and books to the libraries, renovated school buildings and gyms, in the total value of BAM 402.000 (≈EUR 205.539,34).

Association Obrazovanje gradi Bosnu i Hercegovinu - Jovan Divjak
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Sarajevo, Kanton Sarajevo 71000
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