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Mission Statement

The Mission of NDEF is twofold; We provide health related assistance to patients in critical need of financial and non-financial medical assistance as well as provide medical supplies and equipment to ill-equipped medical facilities especially in rural areas. In the absence of a Universal Health Care Coverage systems in most countries of the world, a significant percentage of mortality observed, is attributable to time-sensitive illnesses and acute injuries. Shortage of emergency care facilities and limited access to health facilities are a prime cause of preventable morbidity and mortality. NDEF works in collaboration with already established health facilities and Universities to provide the following services in a bid to reduce the incidence of time-sensitive mortality and absence of proper health care. Health related services provided include; 1. Donation of emergency kits and equipment to highly under-equipped hospitals and health centers especially in rural areas; 2. Financial assistance for the settlement of bills of highly underprivileged patients suffering from life threatening diseases 3. Assistance in the training, capacity building and deployment of qualified health professionals and providers to highly understaffed health facilities especially in the rural areas. 4. The provision of basic medical supplies to persons in hard-to-reach communities. The Foundation also provides educational assistance to the less privileged.Thousands of brilliant youths especially in rural communities are unable to further their education due to lack of funds. This often relegates them to menial jobs where for generations they are doomed to live in poverty. It is against these backdrops and in a bid to empower academically excellent underprivileged youths that NDEF works to; 1) Provide scholarships to needy and academically excellent students in technical and general education. Scholarships are provided at all levels of education from the primary right up to University. 2) Provide educational materials such as books, benches and other didactic materials to ill-equipped educational establishments. 3) Organization of capacity building workshops where people and businesses can network and learn skills to improve themselves and their crafts.

About This Cause

The NDES FOUNDATION is a charity foundation with Authorization No. 483/G.37/C84/VOL 1/SASC of 16th July 2019 duly registered in accordance to the laws of the Republic of Cameroon and whose mission is to provide assistance to the underprivileged in the areas of health care and education as the surest way to self-determination and economic emancipation.

The Vision of NDEF is to be a reliable and trusted provider of timely Health and Education Assistance to the underprivileged.

To empower the underprivileged through the provision of technical, material and financial assistance that will improve their overall health situation as well as their access to quality education as the surest way to their self-development and economic emancipation.

The NDES FOUNDATION has a zero-tolerance policy against abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable persons and we hold firm to the conviction that education is the surest way to breaking inter generational cycles of poverty for economically less privileged African families and we also believe Health is Wealth. To achieve our Vision and implement our Mission, we hold the following values dear


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