WINNIPEG, Manitoba, R2Y 1L1 Canada

Mission Statement

To offer the highest quality of care and ensure the physical and intellectual wellbeing of our children by providing a comprehensive, stimulating and age-related program based on the mutual needs of the children, staff, and the families in our program. To respect social, cultural, linguistic, racial and spiritual heritages of the families we serve and help families receive, or advocate for a range of services in our community that will ensure healthy families.

About This Cause

Lakewood Children’s Centre began in the spring of 1982. Several working mothers within the community formed a steering committee and worked with the provincial government to create a credible non-profit, incorporated Centre that was accessible and affordable to parents within the community. After negotiations with the St. James School Division, two rooms were rented in Lakewood School and the Centre officially opened in September of 1982 with three staff and twenty-six children.

By 1984, all forty-eight of the licensed spaces were filled and five staff members were employed. It was decided at that time, through a needs assessment, to introduce a full lunch program. Later that year, a third room was rented from the school division.

In 1998, another needs assessment was conducted, and the Centre began to offer nursery school to 3 and 4 year old children in the afternoons, using a fourth room rented from the school division. The next year the nursery school was expanded to include a morning program. That same year the Centre increased its licensed spaces to 68 to further service the needs for care in our community.

In 2003 the Centre increased to 79 licensed spaces, 29 for pre-school children and 50 for school age children. The Centre had four program rooms, a storage room, and a room for the administration office and children’s lockers. After careful fiscal consideration by the Board of Directors, the hot lunch program was discontinued but two nutritious snacks, and a serving of milk with lunch, are served each day. In 2006, the Centre increased to 97 licensed spaces, 21 for pre-school children, 10 spaces for Nursery School and 66 for school age children. The Centre has five program rooms, and a room for the administration offices and storage.

In 2009, the Centre increased to 102 licensed spaces, 24 for pre-school children, 15 space for Nursery school and 63 for school age children. The increase in the enhanced nursery school spaces addressed the waiting list for Nursery School.

In 2016 Centre has received additional 24 spaces for Preschool program and 4 spaces for infant program. Lakewood Children Centre increased to 119 licensed spaces.

Hundreds of children have attended the Centre over the past years and our spaces are filled at any given time with full time, part time, and casual care. The Centre maintains a waiting list for all programs. The Centre now employs 28 full time and part-time staff. We have an excellent relationship with the school and our program information can be found on the school’s web page and our web page at

We are very proud to remain an integral part of our school and community!

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