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Mission Statement

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is a national charity dedicated to the personal safety of children. Our goal is to reduce the sexual abuse and exploitation of children, support survivors, assist in the location of missing children, and prevent child victimization through education and prevention programming.

About This Cause

The Canadian Centre is committed to helping families and protecting children. Our programs not only provide immediate help, but also offer educational and prevention material to help keep kids safe online and in everyday life.

Highlighted Initiative:
Phoenix 11 - The Phoenix 11 is a group of 11 survivors whose child sexual abuse was recorded, and in the majority of cases, distributed online. This group has banded together as a powerful force to challenge the inadequate responses to the prevalence of child sexual abuse images on the internet. The Canadian Centre supports these power survivors, along with others who have had similar experiences, by providing opportunities for them to share some of the challenges they face/have faced in a safe and supportive environment, to network, and to build health relationships with other survivors. Along with the Phoenix 11, the Canadia Centre has also developed an action group to focus on bringing the collective voice of victims and survivors to the international stage to effect change.

Critical Assistance Initiatives: - As Canada’s tipline for reporting online child sexual abuse and exploitation, is also a place for Canadians to turn to for help with concerns about shared intimate images, online luring, and other areas involving child victimization on the internet.

Recently, launched Project Arachnid, an automated web crawler and platform that helps reduce the online availability of child sexual abuse material around the world, breaking the cycle of abuse. Project Arachnid processes thousands of images a second and is thus capable of detecting content at a pace that greatly exceeds that of traditional methods of identifying and addressing this harmful material. Project Arachnid helps break the cycle of abuse for survivors, and addresses the very real fear someone they know may come across an image of their abuse on the internet.

Child Safety and Family Advocacy Division - The team of caseworkers responds to inquiries from the public related to questions and concerns around child sexual abuse and exploitation. - As Canada’s missing children resource centre, offers families support in finding their missing child, as well as providing educational material to help prevent children from going missing.

Education & Prevention Programs:
Kids in the Know - A national, interactive, safety education program that uses age-appropriate lessons to increase children’s personal safety skills in order to reduce their risk of victimization online and offline.

Commit to Kids - Provides policies, strategies, and a step-by-step plan to help reduce the risk of sexual abuse happening within child-serving organizations.

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