100% Skate Club

Calgary, Alberta, T3B 0X4 Canada

Mission Statement

100% Skate Club's mission is to create and build a welcoming, safe space and community for women, girls, female-identifying and non-binary folks in Calgary. Founded by former competitive skater Erica Jacobs, alongside with Marlene Hielema; co-founder and photographer extraordinaire. They noticed the obvious lack of girls skateboarding in Calgary, a traditionally male-dominated space and decided to seek out like-minded girls and womxn in Calgary. From our 2015 grassroots beginning to Non-profit organization, we are 100% volunteer driven; our multi-disciplinary Board of Directors are all passionate to create an inclusive, fun, supportive and thriving space for females in skateboarding. We are proud to have established ourselves as a diverse, positive, brave and resourceful community. Lead by skaters. We are growing!!!

About This Cause

Our Clubs goal is to be and initiate role models for our sport to showcase the excellent power of skateboarding including increased: self-esteem, physical health, mental health, reduced anxiety, overcome challenges, skill building, friendship, camaraderie and creativity. With a steady increase in participants we plan to met the needs of our thriving community through offering ongoing skateboarding programs including; weekly skate session, skill building clinics, organized special events such as 'What Flamingo: an all girls skate festival' and peer mentorship in positive progressive atmosphere. With financial support we will take our 6 years of grassroots foundation to the next level by becoming a non-profit organization in 2020, introducing liability insurance coverage for each skater, expanding our city wide reach to engage the NE Calgary communities with specific sessions for BIPOC teens & young adults, continuing to nourish our ages 16+, LGBTQ2S+sessions, cultivating peer supported skateboarding mentorship and creating rewarding community volunteer opportunities.

100% Skate Club
5116 21 Ave Nw
Calgary, Alberta T3B 0X4
Phone 403-614-2133
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