The Joy Smith Foundation Inc.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2G4E9 Canada

Mission Statement

The Joy Smith Foundation works to ensure that every Canadian man, woman and child is safe from manipulation, force, or abuse of power designed to lure and exploit them into the sex trade or forced labour. This is achieved through: educating the public; and providing funds and support to frontline organizations that rescue and rehabilitate survivors, and organizations that safeguard all Canadians from human trafficking.

About This Cause

We develop human trafficking educational programs and facilitate their implementation in Canadian schools. We provide training and educational materials to teachers, parents and volunteers to help them raise awareness of human trafficking in their communities. Canadian families are now being equipped with the knowledge they need to protect their children from predators, and Canadian youth are now recognizing the signs of being groomed by traffickers. The societal costs of human trafficking are enormous, and our best hope is to prevent this crime from happening in the first place.

We host events and fundraisers to raise awareness of human trafficking and to support the development and implementation of our education programs. Joy Smith and our Team give regular presentations on human trafficking to groups nationwide. Many Canadians are surprised when they learn how prevalent human trafficking is here in Canada, and traffickers are empowered by this public apathy. We seek to fill the gaps in public knowledge that allow traffickers to thrive.

We partner with other anti-trafficking organizations and campaigns, and with law
enforcement to develop holistic strategies to suppress this crime. We work alongside elected officials from all parties, at all levels of government, to create systemic change through policy and legislation.

We provide support to Survivors of human trafficking and their families. We provide funds to organizations working on the frontlines to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.

The Joy Smith Foundation Inc.
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