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Mission Statement

To educate and motivate children to EAT better, WALK more, LIVE longer.

About This Cause

NSTEP is a registered charity with a vision of creating a wave of health across Canada and a mission to educate and motivate children to EAT better, WALK more, LIVE longer. To create these healthy habits requires an overlap of knowledge, skill and attitude. By addressing these areas NSTEP positively affects the life choices people make, ultimately resulting in better health. NSTEP brings its programs to where children learn, play and live. The NSTEP program addresses healthy eating and increasing physical activity so children learn at an early age healthy habits for life. As a “grassroots” organization we deliver our comprehensive school health intervention directly into classrooms and community-based programs. NSTEP’s school-based elementary program (NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE) and junior/senior high program (NSTEP Teen Brain) are complemented with community Chef on NSTEP (healthy food preparation and cooking classes for kids). Knowledge transfer of WHY healthy eating, activity build better brains is the catalyst for NSTEP Certificate seminars. Specifically tailored for groups working with children and youth, we have delivered these to Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Education undergraduates. We will be offering these four levels on line to reach more rural communities. Your donation to NSTEP will help kids live healthier, fuller lives through engaging, hands-on learning and experiences. You will give them the tools and skills to EAT better, WALK more and LIVE longer. Having NSTEP come out to our ELL Preschool classroom was such a benefit to our families and even us teachers. We had an interactive session with parents involved which helped them understand what healthy foods are and how much of each their children should be eating. The visuals were extremely helpful while working with a population that English is not their first language. The parents and children learned that healthy food helps us “glow, grow and go.” The parents and their children were given healthy foods (pita. hummus, spinach, tomatoes etc) to make a face out of and then got to eat their creation. Many parents said “oh my child won’t eat that” and they were shocked when the children not only ate it, but actually enjoyed it. The next week during snack time we seen many of the foods that NSTEP had brought (hummus, tomatoes, pita, spinach, peppers) and all the children were excitedly talking about their healthy food to their friends. We heard things like “listen this goes crunch”, “this one is squishy”, “I’m going to glow, glow, glow.” In speaking with the parents a couple of weeks later many expressed that they really didn’t believe their child would eat those healthy foods so they just bought foods that they knew they would eat, even if it wasn’t healthy. I would highly recommend this program! Lori McDonald 3-4 year ELL Early Learning Childcare Work Holy Cross Preschool

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