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Soleil des Orphelins

" The activities of Orphan Sun, Soleil des orphelins (SDO) are purely humanitarian and charitable in nature. They are designed to help the orphans of Africa and Canada. "

Charity Description

Orphan Sun Soleil des orphelins (SDO) provides financial assistance and moral support to African and Canadian orphans in need in order to contribute to improve their living conditions in short term and facilitate in long run their social and professional integration.

The sponsorship program is the most direct and effective way to help orphans in distress. Sponsor an orphan is a virtuous deed that goes beyond financial assistance, it is a gesture of generosity that enlightens his life, makes it more joyful and gives him/her more confidence and hope.

Through the sponsorship program, the sponsor discovers a person and build with him a special and sustainable relationship over time. Through monthly donation, the sponsor ensures the necessary in terms of food, health and education. Orphan Sun strive to offer its godchildren better living conditions while keeping them within their own families and circles, all in strict respect of their traditions and their roots.

Charity Details

Soleil des Orphelins
411 - 400 Boul Cure-Labelle
LAVAL, Quebec H7V2S7

PHONE 1855-677-4354

Unique Identifier
human services
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