199 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, R3L2A3 Canada

Mission Statement

Air Cadets is a program for youths between 12 and 18 years of age. Through a variety of interactive instruction and events Cadets gain knowledge and skills with the aims to develop attributes of good citizenship and leadership, promote physical fitness and stimulate an interest in the air element of the Canadian Forces.

About This Cause

Air Cadets participate in a range of dynamic training over the course of the school year and over the summer at one of our Summer Training Centres.
Subjects include:
•Citizenship •Leadership •Aviation •Aerospace •Navigation •Drill •Physical Fitness
•Aircrew Survival •Marksmanship

Our Squadron training is delivered on Monday nights in a way to provide Cadets a practical opportunity to use the knowledge they learn. Cadets will further develop a sense of responsibility, teamwork and leadership and many skills they can use throughout their lives.

Cadets are also welcome to participate in optional training throughout the week in marksmanship, biathlon, drill, band and aviation.

We are able to provide our training due to our partnership between the Canadian Forces and the Air Cadet League. While the program is provided at no cost, Cadets will be expected to assist in fundraising opportunities put forward by our Sponsoring Committee. The fundraising is put towards our training facilities and costs associated with some optional activities.

Some optional activities may come with a cost to be covered by the Cadet.

199 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
426 Osborne St
WINNIPEG, Manitoba R3L2A3
Phone 204-981-1315
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