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Mission Statement

Transforming Faces equips local teams to provide comprehensive cleft lip and palate care that is accessible for all. Together, we are building happier, healthier lives for children and families around the world. Our vision for children with cleft lip and palate is full inclusion into their community, so they can pursue their hopes and dreams.

About This Cause

Transforming Faces (TF) emerged in 1999 to improve the quality of long-term cleft care. Since then, we have built a network of local partner organizations that work to deliver comprehensive cleft care in the communities and countries in which they operate. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond cleft lip and cleft palate surgery by completing the entire circle of cleft care. By incorporating nutritional support, psychosocial familial and child supports, meeting transportation needs, dental care and speech therapy our partners can radically alter the trajectory of a child’s life. Comprehensive Cleft Care enables children to develop healthy relationships, continue their educations, and experience inclusion in their communities. In the cleft journey, surgery is an important milestone that prepares a child for the next phase of their care and treatment. For medical professionals to conduct surgery on a patient with a cleft, a child must have access to nutrition to achieve a healthy weight. Furthermore, as a part of comprehensive care, parents and children benefit from psychosocial support before and after the initial surgery. For most children treatment will continue through speech therapy, continued psychosocial support, hearing assessments, dental and orthodontic care. What makes Transforming Faces different? 1. We work with our local partners to deliver comprehensive cleft care to children born with cleft lip and palate - for up to the first 20 years of a child's life. 2. We support dedicated professionals within partner organizations by providing funding, medical training to further refine their skills, logistical support, innovation, and completing the circle of cleft care for children and families. 3. 100% of every dollar donated to Transforming Faces goes directly to our international cleft care programs, thanks to a private foundation that covers our administrative costs. Donate today to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children with cleft lip and palate.

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