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Mission Statement

CIER's ultimate impact will be realized when First Nations in Canada are leaders of positive environmental change. They will use the best of western and indigenous knowledge to create a world that is in balance and supports the well-being of all living things.

About This Cause

We envision 'Sustainable First Nation Communities and a Healthy Environment.' Our mission is to 'assist First Nations with building the capacity to address the environmental issues they face.'

We are guided by the values of: Respect, Integrity, Innovation and Excellence, Balance and Teamwork.

Since 1994 we have worked on over 450 environment-focused projects with over 300 First Nations across Canada. CIER received federal non-profit corporate status in 1994, and became a registered charity in 2000 (charitable registration number 89367 8235 RR0001). CIER remains the first and only First Nation-directed, national, environmental non-profit organisation with charitable status in Canada. CIER is guided by a First Nations led Board of Directors.

CIER is a small team of researchers and organizers that connect First Nations to the resources they need to achieve their environmental goals. CIER relies on donations; we can't do this work without your support!

Indigenous people have an important role as environmental leaders and CIER helps them continue to fulfil this role. First Nations have unique knowledge and close relationships with lands and waters that support everything we depend on. Unjustly, they often bear the brunt of the negative impacts of economic development and climate change: they are witnessing the loss of plants and animals that sustain them as foods and medicines; they often lack safe drinking water and basic sanitation; their sacred lands and waters are being contaminated. This threatens not only the environment, but also their health, their culture and their vast knowledge systems.

You are part of this story. It is our environment, our health, our heritage.
The Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources needs you.

Why is your donation important?

Because it will allow First Nations people to solve environmental problems affecting their lands and resources. It will help them create sustainable development in their territories. As a donor, you can make this happen. With your support, we will continue to work hard to protect lands and waters, build sustainable communities, take action on climate change, and conserve biodiversity. 2014 marked our 21st year of hard work with our First Nations partners; here are some highlights of our projects and activities in just this past year:
 We facilitated a gathering of First Nation Communities and interested stakeholders to address Aboriginal inclusion in activities to support the sustainability of Lake Winnipeg
 We worked with a First Nation in northern Ontario to strengthen the development of their community plan
 We collaborated with a First Nation in southern Manitoba to survey Leafy Spurge, an invasive plant species on their territory and generate data critical to their land use planning efforts
 We partnered with high-achieving youth from First Nations representing Canada's major watersheds (in British Columbia, Ontario and the Northwest Territories) who we worked with to develop their skills as emerging water leaders

We all want a healthy environment for ourselves, our children and future generations. Indigenous peoples can help lead us there, but we need to work together.

Whatever you can afford to donate will help realize our shared vision of a healthy environment and sustainable First Nation communities.


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