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Autism is like the stars in the sky, only when getting closer then you’ll feel their warmth. Autism is congenital brain defects.So far no radical surgery or medical treatment can be fully effective. Autism is generally lack of social skills, not good at expressing emotions, and repeat the fixation behavior. These characteristics make the Autistic adults hard to adapt to the social environment and have interpersonal difficulties in the workplace.

In Taiwan, the Autistic population has been rising. In 2017,there were 13,684 Kenner(Autism) patients in Taiwan, equal to one in 2000, and one was Kenner. 50% of adult Kenner’s IQ is less than 50, only 20% within the normal range, and about 69% of Kenner patients need lifelong care support. Autism is like a tsunami sweeping every family. Emotional problems,social unfriendly, treatment or rehabilitation costs, and the long term care all bring great stress for parents. They are worried about “If one day I leave, what will happen to my children ?”

Since 1968,Newdawn Educare Center (NDEC)has taken care of the physically and mentally handicapped in Hualien, there are 122 students in the center now.In 201I, NDEC established Autism care center( total 18 students) and a greencare farmstead (Sunnyfield)to train 6 grown-up Kenners taking care of plants and chickens.

In 2016, many Autistic groups and parents in Taiwan went to the streets to petition, hoping the government can face up the resettlement rights of Autism, and a Home to allow old parents and old Autistic children to live together.

NDEC hopes to solve the rehousing problem of Autistic into old age, and at our own expense bought the land in Shoufeng Township of Hualien County for the construction of "Kenner Manor". Kenner Manor occupies an area of about 2.5 hectare, two five-story buildings, serving 64 adult Kenners to live in the Manor , temporary care service, day care service . Kenner Manor - a total of 176 units: respectively as single room accommodation rooms, day care center, day activities room, medical room, dining room, bathroom ,classroom and living space.

A NDEC Kenner Manor space cost from 20,000 to 25,000 USD .
NDEC sincerely invite you to help this project. So at least 64 Autistic families can have sparking hope, reduce the Autism and family burden and rebulid their lives.

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Monday, Dec 31, 2018

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