Federation Of Public Health Student Associations

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臺灣公衛學生聯合會,是由全台灣大專院校的公衛學生共同發起的公益團體 期望凝聚全臺灣公衛學生力量,統合各校、各系學會學生資源,促進公衛學生交流互相學習。共同爭取公衛學生權利與福利,接洽國內外公衛組織合作機會,尋找公衛學生表現平台,積極倡議重要公衛議題,展現公共衛生學生實力。 Federation of Public Health Student Associations in Taiwan is a nonprofit organization initiated by public health students from various universities across Taiwan. Our aim is to unite the strengths of public health students from all over Taiwan, consolidate resources from different schools and departments, and facilitate the exchange and mutual learning among public health students. We work collectively to advocate for the rights and welfare of public health students, establish connections with domestic and international public health organizations for collaborative opportunities, seek platforms to showcase the accomplishments of public health students, actively raise awareness on crucial public health issues, and demonstrate the capabilities of public health students in the field of public health. Through these efforts, we aspire to create a strong and dynamic community of public health students, fostering a conducive environment for growth, knowledge sharing, and impactful contributions to the field of public health.

Federation Of Public Health Student Associations
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