Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limón, 70403 Costa Rica

Mission Statement

The La Ceiba Primary Forest Foundation was created in the year 2018 , it is the philanthropic arm of the Jaguar Rescue Center, and its main objective is to contribute to the conservation and welfare of wildlife living in the Costa Rican South Caribbean region through education and sustainable projects.

About This Cause

La Ceiba Primary Foundation supports these projects and objectives: The Jaguar Rescue Center: The JRC Rescues, Rehabilitates, and Rewilds wildlife with the goal of releasing them back into their natural habitat. The center admits well over 900 animals each year. The Shock Free Zone program: A crucial initiative focused on insulating transformers and electrical lines and constructing rope bridges within canopies to provide safe passage for wildlife. The work is a collaboration with the ICE (Costa Rican Electric Company), MINAE (Ministry of Environment and Energy), dedicated engineers, and community members that want to take action! The Tropical rainforest protection program: Through the acquisition of strategic properties in the South Caribbean. We are currently buying La Ceiba, a 12 Ha property of primary forest for both conservation and rewilding purposes. The Environmental awareness program for Communities and schools: We strongly believe that knowledge is power therefore it is of the utmost importance to mitigate the challenges the fauna is facing. Therefore, it is in our agenda to visit schools and community projects, local communtiy groups and leaders and create alliances that allow us to inspire for change and shape academic lives based on respect towards our biodiversity. Wildlife monitoring program: Through trap cameras stratigicaly installed in the Gandoca-Manzanillo area, we capture wildlife. Camera traps have evolved into a crucial tool for monitoring elusive species across diverse environments. They excel where conventional methods fall short. This technology, featuring thermal sensors, captures wildlife, aiding identification and behavior studies. It also facilitates population estimates, which are fundamental for biological research and conservation efforts.

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