Lezbijska organizacija Rijeka ' LORI'

Rijeka, Primorsko-goranska županija, 51000 Croatia

Mission Statement

The aim of the organization is to promote and protect the human rights, identity and culture of the LGBTIQ population, to inform and sensitize the public to accept the LGBTIQ community, to eradicate prejudice and homo/bi/transphobia in society, to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, and empower and ensure support for LGBTIQ persons.

About This Cause

Lesbian Organization Rijeka LORI was founded on 19 October 2000. The aims of the organization are to inform and sensitize the public to accept sexual and gender minorities (LGBTIQ ), to eradicate prejudice and homo/bi/transphobia, to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender/sex identity and/or gender expression, and to achieve full equality under the law. LORI has 20+ years of experience working in the field of protecting human rights of LGBTIQ persons, combating discrimination and homo/bi/transphobia and empowering the LGBTIQ community. LORI has the expertise in providing education for professionals on LGBTIQ topics and rights, organising campaigns and public events, psychosocial support for LGBTIQ persons etc. LORI has implemented numerous projects tackling discrimination in the field of education, workplace and health. LORI vision: Lesbian Organisation Rijeka - LORI believes in the right of every individual to create and shape their identity and/or identities in accordance with their heterogeneity, guided exclusively by their individual sexuality and gender – rather than by given heteronormative rules and the binary system – and enjoying all the rights they are entitled to. The vision of LORI is to ensure a democratic civil society in which persons are not discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression; a society dominated by the values of non-violence, equality and acceptance of difference, which promotes the freedom of living and expressing one’s sexual and gender individuality. Main areas of activity are: 1. Reducing homo/bi/transphobia, prejudice and stereotypes as well as violence and discrimination against LGBTIQ persons in society 2. Informing and sensitising the public to the rights and needs of LGBTIQ persons in all areas of life, from family to workplace 3. Informing and empowering the LGBTIQ community Main LORI activities for 1. and 2. - Improving the acceptance of LGBTIQ persons in their own families - Reducing homo/bi/transphobia, prejudice, stereotypes and violence against LGBTIQ persons among youth and in schools in Croatia - Increasing the level of knowledge on LGBTIQ+ topics among youth - Educating teachers and school counsellors in secondary schools about violence against and/or bullying of LGBTIQ youth, and about the needs of LGBTIQ teenagers and problems they face because of their sexual orientation and gender identity/expression - Ensuring adequate support for LGBTIQ+ youth (brochures, support groups etc.) - Informing schools in Croatia about the Guidelines for Preventing and Combating Homo/Bi/Transphobia, Peer Violence and/or Bullying in Schools in Croatia - Ensuring that Health Education is taught in schools by experts and/or expert organisations - Increasing the visibility of LGBTIQ persons and rainbow families in society - Informing, sensitising and educating the public on LGBTIQ topics, rights and existing laws - Public campaigns, projects and activities aiming to eliminate the discrimination of LGBTIQ persons and sensitise the public to rights and needs of LGBTIQ persons in all areas of life, from family to workplace - Reducing the frequency of homophobic statements in public Main activities for 3. - Free psychological support (psychological and peer counselling) for LGBTIQ+ persons - Increasing the availability of LGBTIQ+-friendly professionals to the LGBTIQ+ community - Support groups for LGBTIQ+ youth - Providing information needed by professionals on LGBTIQ+ topics (expanding LGBTIQ literature) - Providing necessary information and direct services to the LGBTIQ+ community through continuing activities (Internet forum, workshops, free legal aid and Psychological Counselling Centre) - Improvingcommunity’s social cohesion and empowerment through social activities - Educational and empowerment workshops for LBT women - Increasing the level of knowledge among community members about LGBTIQ+ topics and rights

Lezbijska organizacija Rijeka ' LORI'
Janeza Trdine 7, 51 000 Rijeka
Rijeka, Primorsko-goranska županija 51000
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Website www.lori.hr
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