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Mission Statement

The project "Fakta o klimatu" (Climate Facts) seeks to improve the societal debate about climate change in the Czech Republic. We want to provide comprehensible information to the general public. We hope to improve climate decision-making in our country by providing current and reliable data. The debate on climate change is complicated and full of emotions, half-truths and myths on all sides. We want to draw attention to important issues and build a bridge between scientists and people affected by climate change. And that's everybody. Our organization is largely based on the work of volunteers. Your donation will help us run the organization and create new content.

About This Cause

The initiative "Fakta o klimatu" (Climate Facts) does not help only experts, but all people interested in climate change. Our infographics and explainers can be used as a material in educational activities or as a basis for discussions, interviews and news articles.

We collect data on climate and climate change provided by scientific institutions (Czech Hydrometeorological Institute , NASA, Eurostat and others) and turn it into a range of comprehensive and understandable infographics. Climate change is a complex set of multiple phenomena. The data that we collect, sort and process therefore touch on many fields of human activity – from economics through politics to energy production. All infographics provide more detailed information in the accompanying text as well as links to the original data sources.

We are a team of professionals from multiple fields – natural sciences, computer science , pedagogy or communication. In our activities, we communicate with journalists, educators, politicians, energy companies, activist movements and many others. We work mostly on a volunteer basis and get funding from donors while keeping our neutrality and independence.

Otevřená data o klimatu, z. ú.
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