Otevřená data o klimatu, z. ú.

Brno, , 602 00 Czech Republic

Mission Statement

We strive to make the debate on climate change (in Czechia and world-wide) more factual, constructive, and based on scientifically proven data.

About This Cause

## What are we trying to achieve? 1. Clear and accessible information on climate change and possible pathways to a zero-emission society. 2. Policy decisions that are data-driven and based on thorough analyses. 3. An educated and informed society, cultivated public debate and quality news coverage. ## Our work has two main branches: 1. Research, summaries and analytical work (a.k.a. looking for what's relevant in the data) 2. Public communication of results (a.k.a. we create data visualizations, articles, podcasts or lectures for the public and clients from the corporate and public sphere) ## All our work is available under open licence online * The majority of the materials is in Czech, available at https://faktaoklimatu.cz * All podcasts episodes are available at https://2050podcast.cz and all podcast platforms * Selected Slovak translations are available at https://faktyoklime.sk * An English version of the website will soon be available at https://factsonclimate.org ## Who uses our materials Our infographics and texts are used by foreign institutions (e.g. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), Czech institutions (e.g. Ministry of Environment, Czech National Bank), news portals (e.g. Seznam Zprávy, iRozhlas), consultancies (e.g. Delloite, PwC) and public figures (e.g. Dana Drábová). ## Awards * Climate Change Communication Award (2020, Czech Learned Society + Czech Office of the United Nations) * First Prize in the Climate Challenge Accelerator (2020, supported by Climate KIC) * AFO Olomouc Award for significant contribution to the popularization of science (2022, AFO Olomouc)

Otevřená data o klimatu, z. ú.
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