Kabakoo - La Maison de l Etonnement

Paris, Paris, 75017 France

Mission Statement

Kabakoo Academies is a mission-driven organization building the premier learning platform for digital and decentralized manufacturing skills. We catalyze the emergence of localized innovation by merging high-tech and local knowledges. Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition toward desirable and sustainable futures by providing locally relevant and transformative learning experiences. Kabakoo has been recognized as a global pioneer by the likes of the African Union, the UNESCO, and the World Economic Forum which has recently selected Kabakoo Academies as one of the 16 Schools of the Future around the world.

About This Cause

By the end of the century, 13 of the 20 world’s most populated cities will be in Africa. The ongoing mass urbanization is a challenge not only to the African youths needing perspectives and jobs but also to the educational institutions on the continent. At Kabakoo Academies, we have decided to take up the challenge by designing learning experiences allowing our learners to jump into sustainable and desirable futures.

In line with the fast-paced changes characterizing today’s work life, Kabakoo holistically blends features of general academic education and of technical training to empower agile leapfroggers capable of innovating, for them, for their communities, for the Africas and beyond.

Our innovative method is based on four pillars: collaborative project-based learning, aesthetic sensibility, symbiosis between Nature and Human, and inclusiveness. This innovative approach empower the learners to significant outcomes. Since Kabakoo’s launch eleven months ago, various projects have already been completed. An example is the project “Breathe, Africa” which resulted in the first citizen platform to measure ambient air quality in West Africa, art workshops, several recycling projects, and the transformation of organic waste into bio-gas.

Kabakoo means “to wonder” or “to be amazed” in the Bamanan language from West Africa. The act of “wondering” takes a centerpiece in our structure because of its importance in the process of growing knowledge. In fact, the ancient Greeks as well as Bamanan mythology from West Africa teach us that “wondering” is the beginning of discovery and knowledge. At Kabakoo, there are no educators, no trainers, no students, only wonderers. At Kabakoo, wonderers collaboratively learn and work towards the development of innovative solutions to local problems.

Kabakoo - La Maison de l Etonnement
102 Rue Jouffroy D Abbans
Paris, Paris 75017
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