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Mission Statement exists to promote and encourage the play and study of chess, via fully free and open source software.

About This Cause

Lichess is the chess server ran by the chess lovers, for the chess community. Over a decade, Lichess has grown into one of the largest platforms on the internet, with ~4 million daily active users, and being accessed more than 80 million times each day. We believe in providing free and equal access to both chess, and to technology, with all of our web application and mobile apps being free (libre) open source software. Our community is the sole reason we are able to do our work, with all of our annual running costs being met solely by our community. Respecting our users, we do not monetise them in any way; no advertisements, no trackers, no paywalls or premium only features. The team and community is united by a philosophy of showing great things can be built in a different way, and for expanding the love and power of technology to unite us, give us opportunities, and educate us. Support use to support our features and philosophy: - Entirely free, for everyone, forever. Not "freemium". Really free! - Open source (AGPLv3). Read and fork the code on - No ads, no tracking. - Free access to chess and software - more than 100 million games played every month - Several variants of chess - Engine analysis with the strongest chess computer engines - Free learning materials, text and video - Journalism on chess - Chess insights - Endgame tablebases - Opening explorer - Curated video library - "Learn from your mistakes" - Available in 80+ languages
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Saint-Jean-des-Mauvrets, Maine-et-Loire 49320
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