Mastodon gGmbH

Berlin, Berlin, 14167 Germany

Mission Statement

Mastodon believes everyone should have the power to be safe and build their own community online. To deliver on that vision Mastodon educates, advocates, and builds free and open source social media technology for participating in the social web (a decentralized global network of community-run and interconnected, or federated, social media platforms). Anyone can participate in the social web by self-hosting an app like Mastodon, or more simply by joining an existing community server. Millions of people, from the world's preeminent institutions and voices to marginalized and disadvantaged communities, are building and participating in grassroots independent communities while protecting their privacy and safety on Mastodon. Your social media presence, relationships, content, timeline, and data are an extension of you. No corporation or billionaire should own that.

About This Cause

Mastodon gGmbH is a non-profit from Germany that develops the Mastodon software.

Mastodon gGmbH
Mühlenstraße 8A
Berlin, Berlin 14167
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