Transforming Rural India Foundation

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Mission Statement

TRI is a civil society initiative to bring about a paradigm change in the key indicators of rural life. TRI supports NGOs working at the grassroots, to move towards achieving the common goals.

About This Cause

Set up in 2016, Transform Rural India Foundation, (TRI) works on integrated village development with the aim of accelerating inter-generational mobility. TRI began as a program of orchestrating civil society collaboration to achieve select 7 SDGs in “Stranded India” the most vulnerable parts of India that have shown persistent poverty over the last seven decades. The four pillars of the program are
(a) community led and community driven development;
(b) multi-thematic engagement for attacking multi-dimensional poverty;
(c)collaboration among civil society organizations to bring about thematic and normative changes at the minimum scale of a Block (sub-district, about 100 villages or 2 lakh people) and
(d) achieving the best of all the three: communities, Government and the market

Transform Rural India has emerged as large formal multi-partner initiative on integrated village development, its impact platform has 21 leading CSOs in health & nutrition, education, livelihoods, governance and it has entered into partnership with state governments. Early results from pilots in 2000 villages show gains on – adoption of food diversity, access to health & nutrition services, improvement in learning outcomes, including progress on sticky indicators - IYCF practices, food diversity, use of toilets. Productivity and income gains show encouraging shift in proportion of households in bottom quintile and top quintile

Transforming Rural India Foundation
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