Adarsh Seva Samiti

New Delhi, Delhi, 110077 India

Mission Statement

Adarsh Seva Samiti (ADARSH) is a non-profit development organization registered in 1978 that focuses on pro poor policy advocacy through research, implementation projects and development of information systems. It has wide-ranging experience in engaging with urban poor and rural communities, especially women and young people, with a view to improve their access to basic infrastructure services of education, health care, water supply and sanitation, livelihoods and social welfare. The interventions are focused on socio- economic and environmental concerns, in their true spirit and words through networking, advocacy, capacity building, research and knowledge sharing to achieve self-sustainable development system. VISION: To dawn a new India where the glare differences between the socially privileged and the under privileged is minimized and every citizen affords a healthy life through the essential health and education services and optimum realization of the available services. CAPABILITY STATEMENT OF THE ORGANIZATION ADARSH is a non-government development organization working on issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on education, health, agriculture, sanitation. Our main motto lies in accessible service to socially excluded group of people.

About This Cause

At present, the challenges faced by the developing countries turn around the consequences of unplanned development. The common constraints of such development process are economic poverty, health problems, environmental challenges, reduced natural resource management, poor sanitation and education system etc. These factors create the challenges in sustainable development.
In the recent years, India’s development rate went up rapidly but the people started experiencing various challenges in meeting their basic needs and combating with environmental hazards. The increased socio-economic disparities has given birth to several social and environmental problems and impacted on communities directly. There is thus a clear need for making important corrections and removing serious distortions before it is too late.
As for ADARSH. a group of young professionals felt an argent need for improvements and they had a willingness to access the grass roots level issues and play a significant role in bridging the communities and government agencies, national and International organizations for socio-economic and environmental sustainability.
Background of the Organization
ADARSH is a development organization established by highly motivated and committed people for stepping up with the process of sustainable development and empowerment of socially disadvantaged and vulnerable communities to open the door for a better world for the coming generations.
ADARSH is managed by indigenous professionals having practical and technical experienced on various socio-economic, environmental dimensions of development and community empowerment for self-governance.
It’s a non-government, not-for-profit organization working for socio-economic and environmental development. ADARSH also characterized as an implementing organization which designs and implements developmental projects with the partnership and support of government, non-government, national and international organizations.

Aims & Objectives
The aims and objectives of the foundation of ADARSH are:
• Promote sustainable development with concentration on environmental protection covering all dimensions, like natural resource management and addressing climate change issues.
• Provision of accessible and clean drinking water and quality sanitation facilities.
• Promotion of livelihoods and exploring innovative livelihood options.
• Work for literacy and promotion of education for all.
• Promotion of gender equality and women empowerment by addressing and creating awareness towards gender-based Issues.
• Improvement of community physical infrastructure.
• Working for Child Protection, their rights and needs. Focusing on Youth Development.
• Integrating Basic Health Facilities and other health concern issues for healthier future.
• Support Development of Civil Society and various other Institutes for self-sustainable system.
• Empowerment of CBOs, NGOs, RWAs, Civic Societies etc.
• Conduct and support researches, various analytical and impact assessment studies for up gradation of data and publication.
• Strengthen the dialogue by creating platform between the Government and Non-governmental organizations and promote G2C services.
• Promotion of maintaining social harmony and promotion of moral and ethical values.
• To make efforts for the causes of socio-economic development of the Society.
• Capacity building and skill development of communities for employment generation and practical growth.
• Promotion of science, information technology and application for scientific life style enhancement and innovations.
• Conservation and protection of Heritage, promotion of tourism, development of new concept to increase its feasibility to all.
Core Values
The functioning of the ADARSH is Citizen Centric therefore ADARSH is guided by the following basic principles:
• The organisation considers People as wealth, it has a firm belief that with the growth of its people the institution can be empowered.
• Decentralized management process.
• Resect to natural resources.
• Scientific and sustainable approach.
• Everyone must enjoy the right to education.
• Economic reforms must benefit all.
• Ensure Rule of Law, for justice to prevail.
• Responsibility, Accountably and Transparency
• Gender Equality
• Healthy and scientific Lifestyle
• Commitment and dedication
• Participatory and transparent approach for decision making
Thematic Areas: -
• Rural Development.
• Water, Sanitation and waste management
• Protection and management of environmental assets.
• Livelihood skill development & Capacity Building.
• Women Empowerment and Child Rights
• Information technology
• Education for all
• Community Participation.
• Tourism Promotion and heritage conservation.
• Promotion of science and scientific talents.
• Health safety for all
• Research, Analytical studies and Impact Assessment.
Organizational Competencies and Capacities
ADARSH has experienced and qualified team to handle the projects professionally to achieve the set of TORs, who have capacity and are competent to involve all the desired activities that promote the goal and objectives of the institution. The capacity building of staff through various trainings is the integral and regular feature of ADARSH The regular monitoring of progress, data entry, financial procedures, report development, presentation making, resource management, development of customized tools, etc. are the main features of project implementation. ADARSH accepts as true that socio-economic growth of human is the significant part of sustainable development. Since the beginning, ADARSH has been involved in various projects concerned with research and analysis, social development, advocacy, awareness and capacity building, water management and conservation, sanitation, waste management, school activities, environmental conservation, health, public participation, women empowerment and awareness raising campagnas. The ADARSH competency is capacity building, research and analysis, while IEC development is also additional expertise of the organization.
ADARSH follows an inclusive and participatory approach to community development and has a team of skilled field animators who use participatory learning and action (PLA) instruments (community resource and household mapping, SWOT analysis, stakeholder meetings, focus group discussions, etc.) for community mobilization and project planning. ADARSH has extensive experience in networking with other NGOs working on common issues, capacity building of local government departments, undertaking baseline, monitoring and evaluation studies and policy research, and promoting pro poor reform and policy advocacy.
ADRASH team comprises professionals from disciplines of human and social development, health and education, rural and urban governance, urban and regional planning, architecture, engineering; with far-reaching experience of undertaking implementation projects and research studies. Organization has worked in projects across the country and with local, state and national governments and its team of professionals has considerable international work experience.

Legal Status
ADARSH is a registered body under “The Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act XXI of 1860) of Government of India.
Our Strengths
• More than three decade of successful experience in working at grassroots level in the field of Natural Resource Management.
• Our strength is our devotion and enthusiasm. Our qualified team owns professional attitude and knowledge of various fields.
• Development of customized tools and strategies for different projects is our area of expertise.
• The organization is recognized for high quality work and timely achievement of stipulated activity.
• The organization conducts research on the targeted area of intervention under its own supervision to avail authentic data.
• Incorporation of latest technology, communication media and equipment for increase accuracy and success rate.
• Internal Training and Development Policy for enhancement of efficiency of staff. Regular training and capacity building of whole team gives the strength to the implementation process of projects.
• Building a sense of understanding towards the targeted areas and consider the social frame work to reach the end beneficiary of the programme.
• Ensuring the participation of youth, women, children and other vulnerable segments of the society to ensure and over all development.
ADARSH is administered by its Board of Directors. The Board works independently and responsible for the key policy making and governance. The Board of Directors formulates, approves policies, organizational systems and evaluates the overall progress of organization. The BoD consists of both male and female and is headed by its President. The organization’s board of directors comprises of development professionals, intellectuals, academicians, activists and media persons. The Board works on the constitution of the organization.
Management and Operations
Governing body of ADARSH consists of highly experienced and qualified development professionals from education sector, urban & rural development, Health, environmentalists, researchers and social development sector.
Governing body is responsible for policy formation and provides technical support to execute different plans and activities of the organization.

All the organizational matters are directed by the policies of organization and policies are always discussed among the team members, governing committee and the experts for improvements.

For the last 41 years ADARSH has been working in the urban slums of Delhi and has also made inroads into rural development in the states of UP, Uttrakhand, Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan. Our prospective intervention areas are Himachal Pradesh, Madhy

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