South Asia Buddhist Association

New Delhi, Delhi, 110016 India

Mission Statement

SABA’s main aim is to support Buddha's teachings and to establish new educational models, which integrate traditional Buddhist principles and contemporary approaches.

About This Cause

Pioneering new models of education
The future of the world lies in the hands of today’s young people. New educational models, tailored to respond to the challenges of the 21st century, will assure that the values and precious traditions we have received from our past generations will continue and be handed over to the next generations. SABA’s long term plan is to establish pioneering educational models, which merge traditional Buddhist principles and practices with contemporary approaches, and provide facilities for such schools.

Healthcare, education and community service
SABA supports lay communities, offering immediate help in the areas of healthcare, education, and community service. SABA encourages the different populations of the Indian Himalayan region to preserve their culture and ancient traditions.

Basic human needs
Poverty remains a key issue in the 21st century. Providing even the most essential needs such as food and clothing can be the first step toward helping sentient beings. According to the Buddhist view, giving just a single meal with a sincere motivation, and combined with aspiration prayers, will yield an enormous result. This is one of SABA’s core areas of activity and commitments.

South Asia Buddhist Association
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