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Mission Statement

AADI pursues the Vision of an enabling world in which people with disability are acknowledged as a form of human diversity and are able to live with dignity, make all decisions about life; pursue equal opportunities; belong and contribute to families and communities

About This Cause

Action for Ability Development and Inclusion (AADI) started in 1978, as a small centre for special education for children with cerebral palsy and is an established national level organization working for the rights of people with disability today.
AADI has been a pioneering Institute in the country in the area of training and building appropriate human resource for people with disabilities. AADI is a resource for apex level bodies such as the National Council of Educational Training and Research (NCERT) and the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and Delhi University to develop curriculum for teachers and other relevant courses. AADI has directly trained over 20,000 people at different levels from different parts of the country and from neighboring countries like Nepal and Afghanistan. These include 3500 teachers, special educators and therapists
As a leader in the Disability sector, AADI has been part of many National level committees on Law and Policy. It developed background research and draft papers for XI and XII Plans; made significant contributions to the Draft Bill on Rights of Persons with Disabilities; played a key role in developing identification tools for Census 2011 and implementation of training for census 2011.
As a pioneer in service delivery, AADI has worked extensively in Rural and Urban areas; Providing opportunities for education to more than 3000 children and facilitating employment opportunities for nearly 1000 people.

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