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Mission Statement

The Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Programme aims to: Address the extensive malnutrition among children in India and elsewhere, through sustained nutritional interventions. Provide Morning Nutrition for needy school children, attending typically interior government schools, completely free of charge. Sustain enrollments in the schools through nutrition, hereby delivering literate, healthy and productive citizens for the next generation.

About This Cause

India was recently ranked 107 on the Global Hunger Index. About 3,000 children die every day of malnutrition and hunger. One of the reasons may relate to poverty. 21% of the population lives on less than $1.90 per day. The result is that 38% of the children under 5 years of age are wasted. Thinness in school-age children is extremely high in India at 25%. About 236 million children attend 1.1 million government schools, making them an ideal platform for effective nutritional intervention at scale. Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust ("Annapoorna") has been running one of India's leading morning nutrition programme for rural school children working at the grass roots level in the area of child nutrition security and "hidden hunger" management. The Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Programme is being run in order to make the hours between morning and lunch significantly more productive, especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The morning nutrition is served in the form of either the "SaiSure" nutrition health mix presented with milk, or "Fortified Ragi" Finger Millet Wholesome Cereal Drink, or cooked breakfast or any other available nutritious food items. This is prepared freshly at the school in the morning, and served to children at the school premises before commencing studies. It has been observed that a small morning nutritional intervention had many positive ripple effects, which can be summarized as below: 1) Drop-out rates arrested; Enrolments protected. 2) Increased enrolments, driven by spread of word of mouth on the morning service at school and support from parents. 3) Improved punctuality of children, in anticipation of service. 4) Rise in motivation level among teachers, who are no longer teaching to empty stomachs in the morning. 5) Increased focus in the class seen among children. 6) Improved academic performance by the children. 7) Improved health profile and Immunity. 8) Maximized probability of completing school, thereby delivering literate, healthy and productive young citizens to the nation. It is our belief that major positive changes can be made possible only when all the key stakeholders come together and lend their weight towards a cause. Our corporate partners are vital to our program, and it is the socially responsible corporate companies who can bring in the much-needed momentum to grow this nutrition movement. There are many ways corporate companies can engage with Annapoorna to realize their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision. Annapoorna is dedicated to addressing the respective aspirations and become the preferred partner for fulfilling your CSR objectives. Similarly, Annapoorna works closely with the respective local state governments to seek guidance on the locations where there is the greatest need for nutritional intervention for the government school children. Accordingly, Annapoorna enters into an MoU with the governments, that permits Annapoorna to enter the government schools and leverage the school kitchen infrastructure and cooks to prepare the foods in a decentralised manner. While Annapoorna strives towards nutrition security for the children of the nation while working for the work itself, recognition from respected authorities and institutions have been a natural by-product. - Best School Health Programme of the Year 2022: Indian CSR Awards - 2022 Lead India Award - United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Awards 2020: Solidarity Award - Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Award of Excellence for Annapoorna Trust: 27th July 2020 - Winner of Rotary Karnataka NGO Awards - “Best NGO for eradicating extreme hunger" at CSR Times Summit - The CSR Health Impact Awards - First Prize in CSR competition conducted by Intel - I Volunteer Award Annapoorna’s vision is to let no child go to school hungry, ever! Thanks to the many like-minded individuals and organizations who are participating in this noble cause of nation building through nutrition, Annapoorna today serves over one million rural school children located across 23 states and 4 UTs of India. Encouraged by this support, Annapoorna intends to continue expanding to more states to reach out to the underserved across the whole nation. We appreciate the motivation and partnership provided by all our patrons, and look forward to your continued support, and also invite collaborations with new institutions and organizations.

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