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Mission Statement

for every child, for every right … for everyone!!! We envision a world in which children advocate for an inclusive, sustainable and just earth community.

About This Cause

PRATYeK is the presence of the Edmund Rice International in India. PRATYeK is a registered society with a vision of every child (being empowered) to stand for every right, for everyone! PRATYeK in Hindi literally means 'Everyone' its objective is to protect and promote all rights and opportunities for every child in India by creating a vibrant network of children, schools and NGOs spanning across every state in the country.

PRATYeK convenes the 'NINEISMINE' campaign, which is a national advocacy initiative of, for and led by children. It is a participatory children's advocacy initiative, launched in 2006 to keep the Government accountable to fulfill the MDGs especially Goal 2, 3 and 4. The initiative seeks 6% for Education and 3% for Health(now 5%) of the GDP public spending as promised by the Indian Government in 2004 and hence gets the name"9 is mine". Eventually the campaign grew bigger incorporating a strong focus on the last child while seeking 'all rights for all children' with more than 1000 schools and NGOs as partners across 29 States and 7 Union Territories (UTs) that work collectively towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the Indian National Policy for Children.

The primary focus of initiative is to put children the center of advocacy efforts; speaking in one voice, to enable every child to enjoy basic healthcare and quality education as their non-negotiable right. The children of NINEISMINE have actively undertaken and participated in various activities promoting child rights at the national and international level. NINEISMINE campaigned for collection of 400,000 signatures from children endorsing the demand for an investment of 9% of GDP by the government of India exclusively for Children. NINEISMINE involved 1,20,000 children in the UN My World Survey. 2000 children and 200 organisations from 36 States/UTs in India were trained to be a part of the process to formulate the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) report for India. Recommendations were made to the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations and delegates of different countries by the children for their rights.

The aim of the programs is to promote child led advocacy platforms to foster children's participation in the decision making processes at the local, national and international level.

The children associated with NINEISMINE initiative have been able to to reach and impact the decision making process by engaging in the UPR reporting and UN sessions with world leaders. The initiative is facilitating an inclusive environment for all children regardless of their gender, caste, race, creed, disabilities by bringing them together and providing them the space towards achieving UN SDGs.

The initiative is reaching out to the unheard section of the population by empowering and enabling their participation and engaging them nationally and internationally. The initiative promotes equality and inclusivity by challenging unequal power structures. As a convening organization of NINEISMINE, PRATYeK brings in the innovation through the element of 'Circus Art focussing on SDGs and social issues', 'Immersion programs with international schools and colleges - as part of the immersion program, the children associated with NINEISMINE host and interact with the students ', 'Inclusive National Children's Parliament - It aspires to have an interface between the children and the Nationally Elected Parliamentarians in Parliament itself by 2020. Each child is assigned a ministry based on the SDGs.'. The initiative imparts the information and understanding about the SDGs through the medium of Flash Mobs, Circus Art, Mime, Puppetry, Street Plays, Fetes and Carnivals.

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