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About This Cause

Navjyoti Development Society (NDS) is a national level registered voluntary organization that has been working in the area of social development for the last 28 years. NDS started its threshold venture in 1991 with 5 deprived children who were living in the slums of Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi. At its inception, NDS is committed to work for the uplifting the life of poor and downtrodden through participation and involvement of all the stakeholders who are directly or indirectly responsible for and affected by it. Since the beginning, the priority has given to the development of the community as a whole with distinct emphasis on education. It is said that hard work and perseverance are the key to achieving anything in the world. We have achieved so much and are still counting!!

At NDS we pride ourselves as an organization being composed of sincere and dedicated individuals. Our ideology revolves around the fact that all individuals posses the potential to help themselves and we take up the challenge to help them discover this hidden potential. We adopt a participatory approach and thus, in going about designing our programs we deliberately do so. The love for truth, concern, hard work and going the extra mile are virtues that are bred in the organization. Our staff members do not merely carry out their duty but through their work they are continuously satisfying the genuine need within themselves to help the community. We push ourselves to attain new heights and span new horizons. The end result being the immense pleasure we derive from recognizing the fact that we have made a difference no matter how small or large.

Our intervention at a Glance”: (Programs)

1. Education:
Since inception, NDS has been intervening in the area of positive education as an important tool to bring change in the society. In 2003, we joined hand with Delhi Govt. project namely “Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan” and started School Dakhila Abhiyan. Since then we have been continuously focusing on the issue and mainstreaming each child from the community. Every year we launch this program in slum areas and motivate parents to send their children to school. We also do advocacy with education department to make easy process of admission in their respective schools.

School education program gives focus on E-waste education in the schools where we educate children about management of E-waste material in their surroundings and be a champion to save our environment

2. HIV/AIDS Program:
NDS has been implementing Target Intervention Program with the help of Delhi State AIDS Control Society- Govt. of Delhi, since 2008. Target Intervention Program is aimed at offering prevention and care services to the high risk group such as Female Sex Workers within the community by providing them with the information, means and skills to manage HIV transmission and improving their access to care, support and treatment services. The organization is targeting nearly 1700 HRGs in South Delhi area. Apart from that the program is also motivating such HRGs to give up this trade and adopt other like massage therapist and domestic help.

3. Skill Development program:
To provide various training opportunities to the youth particularly girls, and develop their skill so that they can get better opportunity in their life, is the focus of the program. The program is being run in Delhi as well as in NCR region. This program is being run in Okhla Industrial area and Nithari village Noida and covering nearly 250 youth. The significant of the program is to link each beneficiary with Govt. skill program and provide them a Govt. certificate from Jan Shikshan Sansthan New Delhi. After getting this certificate, they can apply for job.

4. Women Empowerment Program:
Mahila Sahyog Program: The objectives of the program are: to support and protect women rights, protection of women from any form of domestic violence, to develop linkages with other stakeholders responsible to protect women rights, to create awareness in the community about atrocities related to women and make the community capable to report to competent authorities in case such incidences occur and to organize various awareness activities in the community related to women rights.

5. Legal Education for women:

In context of new domestic violence law, empower women to understand her social dignity & role, having knowledge of women rights and courage to fight for social justice. To strengthen the issue of women empowerment, Mahila Sahyog program in association with Delhi Police, Legal cell, community and Local Stakeholders, has been one of the projects in South Delhi area that bring social justice on the ground and protect women and her children from any form domestic violence and atrocity.

6. Formation of self-help groups: Especially for women, living in Delhi slums, to become economically self-reliant and empowered and use of credit for income generating activities. This program was initiated with the support of Delhi Govt. and Mahila Kosh.

7. Bio-Gas Plants: We are focusing construction of Bio-gas plants in Uttarakhand State. The objective of this program is to reduce the burden on forest and get cheap and durable substitute of fuel. This program is being run with the help of Intercooperatiion India Pvt. Ltd.

8. Behtar India Campaign:
This program is being implemented in collaboration of CAF India Foundation in Delhi and Uttarakhand. The target is to cover nearly 7000 children from Govt. schools under Insurance Policy. In Delhi, 24 Govt. schools from South and south east Delhi zone have been covered while in Uttarakhand, we covered District Dehradun with 3300 children. The objective of the project is to protect children from Dengue disease with insurance coverage of Rs.23, 000/- per child. So far we have covered 6666 children under this scheme. Under this program we have to cover Govt. schools and provide them insurance policy covering children, conduct awareness activities and so on.

9. Stop Diarrhea Program (SDI):
The program is being implemented in 43 villages of Laksar Block District Haridwar (Uttarakhand) with mission to reduce the infant and child death due to diarrhea through providing safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, zinc and ORS, awareness and involvement of community in their own development. Also to involve and take active support of local administration such as health, education, Panchayat, Block office etc. in activities and promote their role to take care of the community. This is second district of the state where child death below 6 years is high due to diarrheoa. Being a Ganga basin, seasonal diseases are high in all season. Water level is very low but water quality is poor and contaminated. Our program is based on hygiene, safe drinking water, use of zinc and ORS during diarrhoea and most important behavior change in wash habits.

10. Humanitarian response and risk deduction Management:

NDS has vast experience in working for disaster relief and support such as:
 In the year 1999 when a fire broken in slum of Lodhi road New Delhi and nearly 250 jhuggies gutted down, NDS provided all kind of support to the people for nearly 30 days and helped them to survive

 In year 2003, a massive fire broken in Jhuggi Basti Noida and nearly 600 Jhuggies gutted down. The fire caused three deaths including a seven year old child. People lost their all belongings along with food and clothes. NDS joined hand with HPS Social foundation and rushed to the site with food, water and medical support. We worked for relief and rehabilitation more than six months in the area. Meanwhile more agencies like Seva Bharti, Caritas India, St. Merry Church Noida and District Administration came forward for support and joined hand in relief and rehabilitation.

 The flash flood, cloud burst and land slide happened in the year 2013 in four districts of Uttarakhand. The disaster brought a huge loss of human being, cattle, livelihood, land and shelter. The deluge has also swept away buildings and homes and destroyed major roads, bridges and vast tracts of farmland. The death toll expected to rise significantly. NDS reached on the spot with its team within three days period with all type of support such as food, medical kit, tent, baby food etc. Later on we worked nearly two years in the area till affected people got rehabilitated properly. Our major support was on livelihood, medical services, risk disaster management, training communication and care of children. During this period the especially focus was given on children who were suffering from disaster trauma and shock.

WATSAN (water & sanitation) program:

WATSAN has been the core issue for last ten years in the agenda of the organization. In 2010, NDS launched a program namely “Door step Health Facility” in South Delhi slum area. This was the program focusing on medical facilities to poor and needy women and children living in the slums of South Delhi and deprived of mother and child care facilities. In this program we especially focused on Water & sanitation. Simple Behavior to adopt in the life was the main objective of the program. For example, washing hands before eating and using clean drinking water, can protect and safe life without making any expenses.

The targeted population was nearly one lakh of Okhla Industrial area slums in South Delhi area. Being a huge slum area, basic amenities including health facilities specially water & sanitation were worst and at this juncture we launched our program. Our focused was to save life of pregnant women with their unborn child and children below six year. At the beginning of the project, it was found that most of the people are going for open defecation and women & children are most vulnerable. Moreover in absence of pure drinking water in the area, often children are suffering from dehydration & waterborne diseases. Pregnant women are most vulnerable to these diseases.

The present geographical area of NDS is Delhi/NCR, Uttarakhand & UP with nearly five lakh population & we have plan to expend it in more rural areas.

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