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Mission Statement

Charities Aid Foundation India is committed to the idea of 'giving' and has a mission to build a society that nurtures the notion of creating an enabling giving environment. With over two decades of experience in handling philanthropy and community development initiatives for corporations, institutions and individuals, we have established ourselves as pioneers in designing and delivering 'giving' programs tailored to the needs of corporate and institutional donors. Corporate Giving We help organizations to plan, design and deliver their CSR initiatives strategically and to follow best-practices. In doing so we help ensure that donor funds are used effectively and have a real impact on the lives of stakeholders. CAF India adheres strictly to a process based framework that includes due diligence and follow up and monitoring and evaluation for all programs and projects taken up by corporations and other institutions. Donor Advised Funds A widely popular funding programme suited to the needs of high net-worth individual (HNI) donors, DAF is a customized and tax-efficient way of helping donors identify charities and support projects that appeal to them. Individual Giving We offer various ways of contributing to the cause of their choice. Whether they want to make a financial or in-kind, we provide flexible options for those wishing to select causes close to their heart. Payroll Giving - Give As You Earn Payroll giving is a great way of giving back to society. CAF India's 'Give As You Earn' programme offers companies and their employees an easy and tax-efficient way of giving to the NGO or cause of their choice through payroll. It is an organized and convenient way for employees to give to a charity while claiming tax-exemption benefits under section 80 G of Income tax deductions for donations. We are proud to have served more than 27,000 employees in making their community investment in different projects through GAYE. Grant Making and Project Implementation Credibility and accountability are the foundational pillars of CAF India and have established us as a renowned name in the CSR industry. Our responsive attitude to handling donor operations and ethical and professional approach to work is reflected across every aspect of our due diligence process for NGOs, which follows an impartial and robust assessment procedures. Our donors can make an informed decision to choose the right partner from a list of validated NGOs. To date, CAF India has helped fund over 300 NGOs in 72 districts in 22 states across India. NGO Validation Our key strength lies in doing independent and in-depth due diligence of non-profits through an impartial and robust assessment. Each assessment analyzes their track record and capacity skills, with a view to maximize the potential of each grant. This enables our donors to make an informed choice about their donations and investments. Our proven track record and expertise has helped us gain and retain the trust of many individual donors, foundations and institutions, national and transnational companies. CSR Advisory To facilitate CSR initiatives for both corporates and PSUs, our Corporate Advisory team provides end-to-end solutions in designing CSR policies / strategies and setting up standalone foundations. We manage programmes and communication campaigns for corporates and drives engagement initiatives for their employees or volunteers interested in contributing to several community development programmes. Volunteering Programmes Our team of experts provide detailed knowledge of volunteering opportunities and help to identify causes within the NGO sector where skill gaps can be filled. Capacity Building We provide grant-making practices that redefine the relationship between grants and non-profits. Our focus has been to make non-profits more effective, accountable and sustainable. For the past five years we have enhanced the capacity building capability of this sector by demonstrating project guidelines and frameworks along with carrying out detailed assessments. We also provide learning opportunities for leaders and organizations within the non-profit sector. Disaster Support We work with our NGO partners in providing support to disaster-stricken areas. We design programme strategies for relief operations and rehabilitation projects, including livelihood and disaster management education. The aim of this is to improve the resilience of communities and their preparedness for disaster. We also establish and institutionalise community structures to ensure planned execution. Taking a narrower focus, we provide collective advocacy within communities to raise awareness of the government schemes offering damage compensations for victims of disaster to facilitate community access to these benefits. Through our network of validated NGO partners, we continuously monitor the situation on the ground and identify the most vulnerable areas in need of relief & rehab support

About This Cause

Established in 1998, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF India) is a not-for-profit organisation that offers strategic giving solutions to NGOs, corporates and individuals, for a more equitable and sustainable society. It’s a leading and trusted expert in CSR & Philanthropy space in India. For over 20 years, the organisation is supporting businesses in maximising the impact of their CSR investments.

With the long-standing operational experience of end-to-end management of CSR and philanthropic grants for large multinational corporations, CAF India ensures credibility of projects through robust due diligence of implementing partners, hands-on implementation, monitoring & evaluation and effective reporting of program impact. We have performed due diligence checks on more than 2100+ NGOs, improving their capacity building scope for the future. Robust and impartial validation processes continue to be our competitive edge and this helps us establish trust amongst various NGOs which also facilitates increased engagement with the corporations.

We promote and support all socio development causes that positions us uniquely to address a wide cross-sectoral span of donor interests. CAF India, with its dedicated team of experts, brings development sector knowledge and experience to take 'Giving' further. CAF India has a wide range of 'technology giving solutions’ which include Corporate giving, Payroll Giving - Give As You Earn & Volunteering, Individual giving through a technology platform ‘Give4Good’.

With the help of credible NGO partners in more than 26 states, CAF India has been supporting over 100 corporates in turning their ideas into impact. In the last 3 years, CAF India has raised upwards of INR 242 Crores in support of diverse CSR & Philanthropic causes in India. The projects pursued by us lends rigorous support to the marginalized societies in order to improve their socio-economic conditions.

CAF India is part of an international network with offices in nine countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Russia, South Africa and the United States of America and distributes funds to over 90 countries around the world.

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