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Mission Statement

Engaged in a number of social welfare activities like child welfare, health, education and women empowerment, Lakshyam has rigorously aimed at implementing effective and innovative solutions to improve quality of life of the not-so-privileged communities. Over the years, Lakshyam has expanded and strengthened its inventive programs and initiatives to bring a practical turnaround in the present social structure. The activities that the organization is actively involved in are various camps, workshops and programs that are designed to cater to the need-based approach. Lakshyam is currently working in 7 states across India. Lakshyam’s purpose of existence is to enhance the lives of disadvantaged children and women, and to offer a positive direction and a healthier approach towards life. Lakshyam continues to vow a credible, honest, transparent and accountable organization that devotes itself towards a privileged future.

About This Cause

Lakshyam Toy Library aims at delivering toys and books from the privileged kids to the not-so-privileged ones. Till now, over 2,00,000 toys and books have been distributed across India.
At Lakshyam, we have always believed that money is not the only thing that builds a childhood; it is love too. Widely unnoticed, but children develop a strong and deep bond with their toys. In times of loneliness, it is toys that keep us company. Unfortunately, being poor in India is not only lack of money; it is lack of love too. To fill in this gap in their childhood, Lakshyam came up with a brilliant idea of a Toy Library!
Lakshyam set up its first toy library 8 years ago with thousands of toys collected from various schools across Delhi. Now, we have 16 of them throughout the country. When we installed toy boxes at numerous schools and announced our aim, which landed us with thousands of toy all together. These toys were then put up in a library, accompanied with various books and were free for children to play with. Children can access these toys whenever, however they want. Lakshyam’s aim to fill in this void in their lives has been so far successful. With storybooks and toys, Lakshyam wishes for the children to have a normal life without any depravity. And we hope for it to get better with time!

Children now have full access to toys and storybooks, read to them by teachers present at our centers. They no more look at toys with longing eyes, and bottle caps are not their only resort. We teach them the power of sharing things closest to their hearts. And most importantly, to know value what most have learnt to take for granted, a childhood.

Butterfly : Child Welfare & Education
Lakshyam's Butterfly Program provides Remedial Education Centers for students, in order to fill the gap in the government education system.
Keeping in mind the above issue, Lakshyam launched a Child welfare program named “Butterfly- Child Welfare and Education” that symbolizes freedom with the wings of a butterfly. The concept of ‘Butterfly’ is based upon imparting the two most crucial aspects of welfare, a holistic education and well-round development. This endeavor functions with a motive of completely demolishing the term “underprivileged”.

With this objective, children at Lakshyam are taught Hindi, English, Math and Computer Sciences, in purview of methodically filling in the gaps in formal education. When a child who is not very well-versed with English or computer language suffers in government or private schools, Lakshyam’s remedial center provides free of cost tutorials. Twice a week, volunteers from IIT- Delhi work upon formulating a strategy that would help children rejuvenate their lost interest in studies. Recreational activities such as dance competitions, painting, magic shows, puppet shows etcetera play a major role in child welfare at Lakshyam. The teachers at Lakshyam’s schools, who were once oblivious to the skills of teaching, today stand to be official degree-holders in the field of academics; not only that, these young ladies are working their way up to being experts in multiple fields of life.

Furthermore, infants and mothers at the community are given distinct education about healthcare and sanitation. Ranging from menstrual sanitation to child healthcare, every aspect is meticulously taken care of.

In accordance with our aim, Lakshyam has empowered innumerable children around the country. More than the number, Lakshyam has striven to improve the quality of lives of our children and has been sublime so far. Lakshyam’s newest center in Ghaziabad has helped Lakshyam extend help in far more grievous and needy societies in the country. The children of a rag picker’s community were destined to follow the same path as their parents. In an attempt to change their fate, Lakshyam has set up a free of cost remedial school that helps children at least get introduced to education for now. With time and incessant efforts, we hope to see the children at the same heights as any well-to-so child in our society.

Lakshyam's Rooh Program tirelessly strives to educate the women of India and empower them with the confidence to lead a healthy lifestyle.
As is a widely known fact, the condition of women in India as well the rest of the world personifies pitiful. Not only is it the horrifying numbers that shamefully indicate our high rates of female feticide (Current Sex Ratio of India in 2015 is 943 Females/1000 Males.), but also the enormously ignored, dire need of attention towards all round development of girls in India. Leaving behind the educational and medical front, girls India lag far behind in receiving affection as well. Be it a husband, mother, father, brother or any blood relation, a girl is reprimanded right from birth, till death. Lakshyam’s ideology is to make amend by tackling the issue from its very origin- beliefs and situation.

Lakshyam’s program ‘Rooh- Awakening Womens’ Soul’, meaning the spirit, is a strategically developed, three-tier project that aims at strengthening a woman’s demeanor towards life itself. Beginning from the roots, the first step is to provide remedial education to children; second is to provide an essential degree of exposure along with professional training, and third is equipping girls with a popular platform to sell their skill. Besides this, the program also targets development in ways of financial issues by organizing various workshops based on easily marketable skills that enable poor women to self-generate employment. Renowned professionals of the country personally deliver these workshops while a few have also hired competent women to work under them. Health awareness campaigns for women are organized every now and then which range from the importance of iodine in salt to spreading awareness about causes of Breast Cancer.

Lakshyam’s struggle has so far enabled a significant thousand of women to support their families. It has liberated women in the matter social rights, respect and well-deserved affection; a phenomenon far lesser acknowledged than their importance in the society. Today, our reach has widened to several parts of the country. We recently opened another center in Ghaziabad, where Lakshyam has effectively made foreseeable changes in the community. A year earlier, Ghaziabad was a community of rag pickers, who lived without electricity, education, toilets, schools and most importantly, without hope. Lakshyam rescued the society by implementing our programs and giving whatever formal training was possible to the women. The change we see is gradual, yet very real.

Aim & Objective
To help rural women learn easily employable skills
To grant a financially independent status to rural women
To help women protect themselves from domestic violence
To help women attain the independent stance and say in the household by means of financial independence
To give children a conducive and progressive environment for their development without any short comings
To provide free-of-cost remedial education to children and give a fair access to education to all
To help children choose the right career path and ensure the availability of fair opportunities to all
To see rural India grow with its ethnicity and pristine beauty
To create a cycle of giving back. Where talent, in stead of flowing towards urban cities, gives back to its home
To save drowning neighborhoods from the plight of poverty
Promote education and fill in the gaps created by money
To attract well-educated teachers and provide standard education to children dwelling in rural areas

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