Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (Sightsavers India)

New Delhi, Delhi, 110020 India

Mission Statement

Sightsavers’ vision is of a world where no one is blind from avoidable causes and where visually impaired people participate equally in society. We believe in the following: • We achieve much more when we collaborate. • People should not go blind unnecessarily. • People with visual impairment should be able to develop their potential to the full. • With the right resources, people can find their own solutions. • Learning and innovation are essential in order to improve the quality of what we do. • Our supporters are a key part of the solution.

About This Cause

We work to eliminate avoidable blindness and help bring about equality for people with disabilities. We:
• Help blind people to see
• Prevent others from going blind unnecessarily
• Support people to live independently if their sight loss can’t be undone
The reasons behind avoidable blindness run deeper than the eye diseases that cause them. They result from – and lead to – poverty, and are often accompanied by social exclusion and early death. So, instead of slapping a sticking-plaster on the problem, we work to ensure that people who are visually impaired or blind have access to preventive, curative and rehabilitative services without financial hardship.

Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (Sightsavers India)
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New Delhi, Delhi 110020
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