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The majority of our population still lives in slum having meager or no income and when it comes to health, they hardly possess anything to have even afford primary check ups as they don’t have access to any medical facility nor government has been able to extend its support to many such people and if we talk about private clinics, they are difficult to afford.

Each year about 150,000 babies are born with congenital birth defects ranging from mild to life threatening & the leading cause of death in the first five years of life which is often the result poor environmental factors, poor diet & medication during pregnancy and delivery at home. Lack of financial resources & limited access to government dispensaries affects the pregnant women & infants during pregnancy period & at the delivery held at home with un-hygienic medical tools & untrained midwifery.
This is the time when a role of Non Government organization comes into place; we come forward with the best of tools and methods through which we can servehealthy-heart these people in urgent needs. Most of the families belonging to poor segment of society suffer from many chronic diseases where heart diseases among children are one of the widely prevalent.The parents of such children are usually aware from a long about their children’s condition but when it comes to provide them with the treatment, they are incapable to afford the surgery cost. This leads to worsening the life of children and making their parents depressed about the fact that they couldn’t support their children’s life. In this direction, PSF has taken the pledge to support Heart surgeries of children, suffering from common congenital heart defects and also providing supportive care after surgery in order to ensure the complete survival of the children.

In August-2011 PSF starts its first initiative to Support Heart Surgeries of children, suffering from common congenital heart defect & with support of our donors we are continually perusing towards our goal. Till the day we have support Device Closure Implantation of about 35 children who were suffering from Congenital Heart Defects.
Appeal to save Ashna life
Ashna Parveen age 17 Years old D/o Md. Tariq Ansari R/o 39, Katra Sahaswan, Budaun, U.P-243638 was born with Heart Defect and need to undergo by Vascular surgery. She is under treatment of Cardio Department at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi.They are 7 members in the family including Parents and daughter Sana Parveen17 years old, Daughter Ashina parveen 17 years old in 9 th standard, Shabina Parveen 16 years old in 7 th standard, son Md. Adib 13 Years old 6th standard, Md. Kashif 12 years old in 6 th standard.
It is quite expensive for them to visit Delhi for her daughter’s treatment.
Total Treatment cost of her heart surgery is Rs 1, 15, 000 (Rs 80000 as per hospital estimate and Rs. 35000 for supportive care after surgery)
Md. Tariq has applied for support to Parivartan Sandesh Foundation and authorized PSF to publish their daughter and family details with photo at our website to raise the fund for her daughter’s treatment.

Please come forward give your support so we can together save her life.
Pls find the below mention link to view her case details.

Nisha vats

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Tuesday, Feb 6, 2018

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