The YP Foundation

New Delhi, Delhi, 110017 India

Mission Statement

The YP Foundation (TYPF) is a youth -run and -led organization that supports and enables young people to create programmes and influence policies in the areas of gender, sexuality, health, education, the arts and governance. The organization promotes, protects and advances young people’s human rights by building feminist leadership, and strengthening youth led initiatives and movements. Founded in 2002, TYPF has worked directly with 6,500 young people to set up over 300 projects in India over the last 14 years, reaching out to 450,000 adolescents and young people between 3-28 years of age.

About This Cause

Our training and direct action programmes encourage young people's civic participation, gender sensitivity, and awareness on sexual and reproductive health. We link young people to welfare schemes and citizenship rights. As a result, young people and children learn about maintaining good health, deal better with mental and physical changes during adolescence and protect themselves from HIV, unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, violence and abuse. We also work through campaigns to initiate youth led action on issues of gender based violence, governance and access to rights on campus and in communities.

Our aim is to create opportunities for young people to engage more confidently and deeply with themselves and the world outside, access their rights and entitlements and lead positive action on ground. We work in urban and rural areas in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan and are scoping expansion to Bihar at the moment.

The YP Foundation
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New Delhi, Delhi 110017
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