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Mission Statement

ABHINAV SAMAJ is a Not-for-Profit organization and registered with Govt. of Delhi under Trust Act for the rehabilitation and welfare for destitute elderly/destitute parents de-sheltered by their own children and destitute children. In additiion to this our orgainzation works for women-empowerment, free education to underprivilige children and protection of environment. In current times as deadly disease CORONA VIRUS is spereading around the world and crisis is increasing day by day, our organization has the priority to Stop spread of this deadly Virus and help needy people living specially in slums and migrating labours who are mostly responsible for the spread of the disease, to feed them, provide to help them to fight against the CORONA VIRUS. We wish inmates in our Old-Age Home/Orphanage could feel at home away from their own homes and deserving children could be self-dependent to earn their livelihood at their own instead to remain on charity.

About This Cause

At present in addition to our regular charities we are working for our contribution to Stop
spread of CORONA Virus, providing Food to poor residents of slums, migrating labour, other daily-wages workers etc. who have no source of Income to feed themselves and to survive. However Government is also making its best to help them but it is also the duty of we social workers to help society to fight against this largest crisis in world.
Since March 26th, 2020 to April 25, 2020 we have distributed approximately 32000 packets of ready-to-eat Food packets, 7800 bottles of Sanitizers, 19500 Masks and 6500 Cakes of Dettol Soap in slums colonies of Delhi.
Under our program of rehabilitation and welfare of destitute elderly we are running an Old-Age Home in name 'Jai Ma Durga Old-Age Home' in Village Nilothi, Nangloi, New Delhi-110041 (INDIA) where we are providing Free Shelter, Free Food, Free Medical-Facilities, entertainment and all other basic needs required to elderly free of cost and where they could feel as their own home away from their home. We performs regular health-checkups of all the inmates in our Old-Age Home and provides medical-aid/treatment if required. In case of their death we performs their last rituals as per their religion as there are many people whose children refused to accept them even after death. In addition to this we regularly arranges Free Medical-Camps for different diseases i.e. Heart-Disease, Dental, Eyes, Psychiatric-Diseases which are common ailments for elderly. We regularly arranges Free Camps for Self-Defence Training to women, arranges training programs for women to make them self-dependent where they could be encouraged to earn their livelihood independently.
Now we have selected a big piece of land in outskirts of Distt. Rurkee in Uttrakhand (INDIA) to construct a big Old/Age Home and Orphanage there consisting of approximately 100 rooms. Out of which eighty rooms shall be used for elderly and six inmates shall be accomodated in each room and fifteen rooms shall be used for Orphanage where appropriate children shall be adjusted. Remainging rooms shall be used for other uses i.e. Medical-Dispensary, Recreation-Room, General Meeting and Dining Room etc. We feels destitute elderly and homeless children have perfect match to fulfill eachother's emotions. We aims to provide world-class environment and facilities to all elderly and children. We aims to motivate deserving elderly and children to support them by helping them to become self-dependent if they wish.
Our project cost at Rurkee shall be approximately $ one million. Our well-wishers can donate for our new project or for our existing project where their donation shall be used for food, medicines and other utilites.

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New Delhi, Delhi 110059
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