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Mission Statement

Every Child in School & Learning Well

About This Cause

Pratham Education Foundation is an innovative learning organisation that works to improve the quality of education for children and to expand opportunities for skilling for youth. Focusing on high-quality, low-cost and replicable interventions to address gaps in the education system, Pratham has over the years, steadily grown in both scope and size, to become one of the largest education focused non-governmental organizations in the country.

Born in Mumbai with the mission of Every Child in School & Learning Well over twenty years ago, the Pratham movement has reached millions of children living in both rural and urban areas through a range of interventions across the country. These include pre-school education, a variety of learning support initiatives for elementary school as well as vocational training for youth. Pratham also works with vulnerable children. The organization is also known for its unique citizen-led assessment initiative - ASER. Pratham and its leadership have been recognized nationally and globally for its innovative models and impactful methods. By following a strategy of setting clear and achievable goals, by facilitating continuous learning, ensuring effective methods and measurement, and working on scale through partnerships, Pratham can achieve substantial progress towards its stated goals.

Pratham has programs across geographies and reaches millions through the following programs:

Objective: Build strong and durable foundations of reading and arithmetic among elementary school children.

In just 30-50 days, Pratham can help children acquire foundational skills. Children are grouped by level, not by grade. Appropriate methods and materials are used for each group. Substantial learning gains are visible in a short period. Once these foundational skills are in place, children progress steadily. Pratham also works in partnership with the government to scale reach and impact. Teachers use tried, tested and effective methods of assessment and instruction within the government school system.

Objective: For girls and young women who have dropped out of school, an opportunity to restart their education journey and complete secondary school.

The program helps dropouts, mostly disadvantaged girls and young women, to complete secondary school and pass the Grade 10 examinations. In addition to academic support, the program aims to build a variety of life skills and to increase exposure to pathways beyond the secondary stage.

Objective: To provide vocational skills training and subsequent job and livelihood opportunities to underprivileged youth.

Pratham Institute provides disadvantaged youth the opportunity to acquire the skills needed for entry-level jobs in specific high-growth sectors such as hospitality, construction, automotive and healthcare. The curriculum is designed with leading industry partners, ensuring that students can attain valuable industry-oriented skills. We also offer entrepreneurship mentoring with a special focus on women.

ASER, Annual Status of Education Report, facilitated by Pratham, is a unique citizen-led initiative to assess basic learning levels of children ages 5 to 6 years in rural India. It is the only annual survey in the country on children's ability to read and do simple math. Findings from the survey are often quoted by intellectuals, academicians, and government officials and serve as a reference for policy decisions.

Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children is an outreach program that protects the rights of vulnerable children. The PCVC intervention is designed to withdraw children from work situations and integrate them into the formal schooling system.

Digital Interventions help support, accelerate and expand children's learning through the use of a variety of technology-based resources including tablets, computers and mobile phones to deliver appropriate learning content to children and youth across age segments.

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