Miracle Foundation India

New Delhi, Delhi, 110017 India

Mission Statement

The Miracle Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings life-changing care to the world’s orphans.

About This Cause

There are 8 million institutionalized children around the world, many of whom languish in orphanages without access to nutritious food, clean water, a quality education and medical care. Surprisingly, 80% of these kids have a living family member. Most families wouldn’t leave their children in institutions if they had the right support to care for them. The fact is, many children are in orphanages because their families are poor and can’t afford to feed or educate them. This is no reason to be institutionalized.

Miracle Foundation has created a measurable, repeatable and systematic method to ensure that children living in institutions are educated, fed, loved and safe. At the same time, we explore every avenue to reunite them with their parents or relatives, when possible.

Miracle Foundation India
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New Delhi, Delhi 110017
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