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Mission Statement

Our mission is to support community action to prevent HIV infection, meet the challenges of AIDS, and build healthier communities.

About This Cause

Founded in 1999, Alliance India is a non-governmental organisation operating in partnership with civil society, the government of India and communities to support sustained responses to HIV in India and build healthier communities.

Our organisations interventions reach across more than 32 states and territories in India touching more than a million people annually. We work with close co-ordination with the government at both national and state levels. We also are working with many UN based organisations and other national and international agencies like Global Fund on the cause of HIV. We are currently implementing the Care and Support component of National Aids Control Programme IV, in collaboration with National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Complementing the Indian national programme, we build capacity, provide technical support and advocate for strengthening the delivery of effective, innovative, community-based HIV programmes to vulnerable populations affected by the epidemic.

Leveraging our implementation experience, we work closely with the Alliance Regional Technical Support Hub for South Asia to support capacity of civil society organisations, government and the private sector in South Asia to respond more effectively to HIV/AIDS. An independent National NGO
managed and governed wholly in India, Alliance India is also an accredited member of the global network of Linking Organisations of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. India HIV/AIDS Alliance is a Section 8 Company with FCRA registration 231660645.

India is home to the world 3rd largest population suffering from HIV/AIDS with approximately over 2 million people suffering from this disease. Over the last decade a lot has been done by the government, NGO’s and many agencies due to which the disease has been controlled to some extent. However in the current years International funds for India's National AIDS Control Programme have dried up severely, posing a serious threat of recurrence of new HIV cases. Estimates show a reduction of almost 90% in funding from various multilateral, bilateral and philanthropic donor organisations over the last three years, sources in the government as well as civil society said. A significant decline in funding threatens to reverse the modest gains already achieved.

There are still about 24 lakh people with HIV in India, 6 out of 10 people living with HIV are still not receiving treatment hence it is important to raise the awareness and also involve the mass in India in this movement to End Aids in India. Keeping this objective in mind we are hosting the End Aids India campaign to reach Indians across the globe to raise awareness on the disease and most importantly sought funds to combat HIV/AIDS. It aims for an India with zero new IV infections, zero AIDS related deaths, zero stigma and discrimination for people affected with HIV.

India HIV/AIDS Alliance is a not-for-profit Section 8 Company (as per 2013 Companies Act; formerly
Section 25 Company registered in 1999) with Registration No. U85310DL1999NPL098570.

To support community action to prevent HIV infection, meet the challenges of AIDS, and build healthier communities.

A world in which no one dies of AIDS.

Major donors:
Our major donors are the likes of Global Fund , UNAIDS, USAIDS/PEPFAR, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Oracle , Johnsons and Johnson among other major supporters.

Our Board:
India HIV/AIDS Alliance is overseen by a seven-member board that defines our direction and ensures our policies and strategies reflect our mission and values. Board members come from all over India and are chosen for their relevant experience and expertise in a range of disciplines including HIV, sexual & reproductive health, human rights, governance, management, finance, resource mobilisation, research, advocacy and communications. Our board meets three times each year.
Dr.S.Y.Quarishi – Dr.Quraishi is a former Chief Election Commissioner of India. Earleir he has also served as Secretary of Youth Affairs and Sports as a Director General, NACO.
Dr.Shalini Bharat – Dr.Bharat is a professor and chair of the School of Health System Studies at Tata
Institute of Social Sciences.
Dr.Saroj Pachauri – Dr.Pachauri is currently a distinguished scholar at the Population Council and is the former Regional Director for South and East Asia.
Sanjay Patra – Mr.Patra is the Ececutive Director of Financial Management Services Foundation.
Roy Wadia – Mr.Wadia is a communication and advocacy expert, with a special focus on HIV/AIDS and public health issues. He earlier served as Executive Director of the Heroes Project.
Madhu Bala Nath is the India Country Representative for Engender Health, which works to promote quality reproductive health and family planning services by strengthening India’s public health system.

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