Buana Syiar Indonesia

Palembang, , 30128 Indonesia

Mission Statement

Empowering 1 million mosques in Indonesia to reach their full social function and collective impact.

About This Cause

Buana Syiar Indonesia through the syiar.id portal aims to aims to compile, connect and empower 1 million mosques in Indonesia. There are 5 programs currently running: 1. Free webpage 2. Qibla direction data input 3. Deduction-free fundraising 4. Character building for school-age children 5. End road charity collection as means to fund mosque construction or renovation

Buana Syiar Indonesia
Jl.anggrek No.6 Rt1 Rw1 20 Ilir D Iv Ilir Timur 1
Palembang, 30128
Phone +628117100599
Website syiar.id
Twitter @buanasyiar
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