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Mission Statement

Global Action Plan aims to inspire people to become ‘change makers’. We equip individuals and communities with knowledge and skills to develop solutions to the environmental and climate crises. We deliver programmes for community groups, schools and businesses, in areas ranging from environmental education and climate action, to global citizenship, the Sustainable Development Goals and community transformation. Our programmes challenge the barriers and embrace opportunities for behaviour change by providing support, mentoring and education on a broad range of environmental, climate and global citizenship themes. We focus on growing the skills, values and confidence that enable action. Our programmes are evidence-based and designed to promote social inclusiveness and ensure that those who are most disadvantaged or under-served have the support and tools they require to participate in climate action in communities nationwide.

About This Cause

We deliver programmes in environmental education and climate action, global citizenship, the Sustainable Development Goals and community led action. We have three main programmes and these are managed and delivered by a national team of expert facilitators. These are: - Primary and Secondary Schools - Community and Youth - Corporate and Business 1) Key to creating sustainable communities is working with children and youth. In our Primary and Secondary Schools programme, we deliver a broad portfolio of workshops focusing on Climate Action themes including Water Wise, Talking Transport, Waste Wise, Bright about Energy, Budding Biodiversity, Water Explorer, Focus on Food, Beautiful Spaces and Climate Action for You(th). In addition we deliver workshops and teacher training in Global Citizenship and Action on Global Goals with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2018, this programme delivered 263 workshops; reaching 7,108 children and youth. The Community and Youth programme focuses at community level through existing or new networks in communities throughout Ireland. We approach this programme in two ways. Firstly through offering education and support to communities through workshops such as Your Community Biodiversity, Park Stewardship, Action on Global Goals and The Power of Growing your Own. 2) Secondly we work through GAP’s Green Living & Sustainability Community Garden (GLÁS) that brings people together of all ages and abilities across Northwest Dublin to promote sustainable, local and organic food production, wellbeing and community engagement. Not only do we provide this space for the local Ballymun community to access, we use it actively as a space of learning and education. It is used on a weekly basis by St. Michael’s House, Saol Clubhouse, the Central Remedial Clinic, Ballark Youth Training and Young Ballymun. We have run workshops with community gardens in Dublin on the Power of Growing Your Own, supporting the startup of an organic community garden as well as workshops on Organic Composting, Know your Soil, Water Management and Harvesting and Waste Management. In addition, GAP has partnered with groups such as Young Ballymun through our Nature Explorer programme to provide access to the community garden as a space of learning and exploration to disadvantaged homeless families, both children and parents in emergency accommodation in Ballymun. In 2018, a diverse mix of 730 people visited the garden on a voluntary basis. 3) Our newest programme is the Corporate and Business programme which started in 2019. This evolved from a growing demand from the business sector to support their staff needs and wishes to be informed and ready to take action. Through this programme we provide workshops for employees of small and large businesses, on themes around Climate Action and Global Citizenship. We also provide opportunities for volunteer engagement, for instance through our GLAS community Garden. This year we have been working with organisations such as Patagonia, KPMG, Marks and Spencers, DocuSign, Google, Paypal and Deloitte through this programme. To achieve our mission, we are calling on you to join us. This is how: Action with GAP - Learn, Grow, Act Become an active Global Citizen, start a gardening revolution by organically in your community garden, be a conscious Climate Activist Through our workshops and programmes GAP can support you to mobilise action in your schools, community centres and gardens and businesses nationally. Volunteer with GAP - Support, Enrich, Engage Support the GLAS community Garden, learn new skills in organic gardening and support disadvantaged communities that use the garden by volunteering in the garden. We support community groups, individuals, young and old, and businesses to enjoy the space, contribute towards its development and have fun while learning. As a small not for profit organisation, we are always seeking people with skills who have sometime to support our growth. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for skills based volunteering and internship opportunities Partner with GAP - Donate, Fundraise, Enable To ensure that our programmes serve the most disadvantaged in Ireland - people who are often the ones most effected by climate change - we seek partners and friends alike to support our cause. Whether it's a personal fundraising initiative, a Corporate Social Responsibility programme or support from our long term funders (including Irish Aid, Dublin City Council and the Irish Environmental Network), all funds we generate are pumped into the enrichment and scaling of our impactfocused programmes throughout Ireland. To know more about Acting with Us, Volunteering with us or Partnering with us, contact us on or call our office at 01-8832185. Come act with us now.

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