Civic Force

Tokyo, Tokyo, 151-0063 Japan

Mission Statement

Civic Force's mission is to provide swift and effective emergency services in case of large-scale crises in Japan through two key interventions: First, Civic Force’s emergency response teams, led by trained professionals, assess the relief needs and provide lifesaving assistance to the disaster victims in partnership with other organizations and volunteers. Second, Civic Force facilitates coordination of national- and local-level disaster responses among government agencies, NGOs, and businesses. We play a critical role in ensuring communication and information sharing among partners and mobilizing volunteers, funds, and goods to support coordinated relief efforts. Civic Force is a registered not-for-profit organization in Japan that was established in the wake of the Niigata Earthquake crisis of 2004.

About This Cause

●Establish an international cooperating mechanism towards natural disasters and emergencies within Asia and the Pacific region. Achieve more fundraising success and smooth coordination. Promoting more mutual help among platforms. ●Through civil participation, raise awareness of disaster prevention among individuals and create more opportunities for mutual understanding and cooperation among people of different nations.

Civic Force
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Tokyo, Tokyo 151-0063
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