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Mission Statement

“WheeLog”, an accessibility map created by everyone! With “WheeLog,” we can share information about “Spots” such as shops, elevators, ramps, and we can also share the wheelchair “Tracklog”. Aiso with “WheeLog,” you can request information about places you’re interested in! You can add “Chirps” on the map and let people know about unsafe places, fun places, and more.

About This Cause

We believe that at least $50,000 per year (system fees excluding personnel expenses) is required to maintain and operate the stable system. As the number of users of the application increases, the necessary expenses will also increase. We have submitted an application for a new grant in May 2017 and we are receiving donations from the public and sponsoring corporations and collaborate with them. There are many companies realizing the importance of the barrier-free map and willing to support our application because of the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games / Paralympic Games being held in 2021. An accessible map application created by everyone is named as “WheeLog”. A trip to an unknown place requires a great deal of research, careful planning and the courage after all. In Japan alone, there are over 2 million wheelchair users. One of the ways to deal with this problem is to create an interactive map that will allow wheelchair users to clearly see accessibility in public spaces. It will allow us to share our experiences and create a virtual guidepost where we can explore the outside world. But each individual can do only so much, so I came up with the idea of an application that would allow people to help wheelchair users (including baby stroller users and hopefully visually impaired persons in the future). The “WheeLog” is a worldwide global project with the possibility of making it available in multiple languages beside Japanese and English and it will be a very effective tool for countries where barrier-free development is coming. Connecting so many people all over the world with “WheeLog”, we can share information about “Spots” in 10 categories; Bathroom, Elevator, Parking, Shop, Other, Station, Lodging, Ramp, Barrier and Favorite. And the most innovative function is the wheelchair “Traclog” where the community and the crowd can help others just by moving around in a wheelchair and show the route how to reach those accessible spots mentioned in 10 categories. With “WheeLog”, you can request the information about places you are interested in! You can also add “Charps” on the map and let people know about unsafe places, fun places and more. You can record the places you visit and you can trace the route reaching the places, Furthermore, there is a unique function to display the running log of the wheelchair user on the map as it is not found in other barrier-free map applications. This is done by using the GPS function of the smart phone and can be used any place on the earth where Google map is available. The WheeLog! Application we have developed is a barrier-free map application of user posting type where wheelchair users share information and other people post information necessary for wheelchair users. We aim to change the world of wheelchair users.The map is based on Google Maps, and everyone around the world can post information on the map. We, in Japan, are not familiar with those facilities for disabled. We believe if we could inform about this project and provide this application freely, we can make the project a global practice. The detailed information is useful and practical for wheelchair users but also for mothers with babies in strollers, tourists carrying heavy luggage, and the elderly as well as for people from all over the world-in japan and also in other countries. Specifically, you can post the data, mark the lines and point out the available routes.by using Google Place information and by posting from any place you want. Everyone can evaluate facilities and etc. by using posted questionnaire in each category. Then you can write comments and save favorite information by posting information. You can also use GPS to record your tracking logs where you have traveled in a wheelchair or to post information you want to know on the map as a request. In addition, you can post tweets freely on the timeline, post tweets on the map with location information, and feel free to communicate with others easily. The information sharing system works as follows. 1. Carry your smart phone. Take pictures, videos, comments and Upload them. 2. Request where you want to go ⇔ Provide information where you went. We can make it possible to research all the barrier-free information in the world and make the project as a global practice and we can add any languages easily in the future.

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