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Mission Statement

Accept’, rather than ‘Exclude’ Our organization works under such principle to eradicate terrorism and resolve armed conflicts. In today’s world, we face an unprecedented number of terrorism and armed conflicts, resulting in an unimaginable volume of deaths and refugees. Conventionally, such crises have been solved and approached in the form of military action and extermination. However, the situation has not seen any sign of improvement. To make matters worse, since 2011, the world has faced an unparalleled scale of terrorist threats and violent conflicts. In the face of such reality, we strongly believe in the need to ‘Accept’ former violent extremists. This concept is merely an idea based on philanthropism. Analyzing what is necessary to resolve the issues, by looking at the history and structural issues surrounding the cycle of hatred, we find the efforts to ‘Accept’ is essential. It is precisely because we work in the field of terrorism and conflict resolution, that we choose a peaceful approach than one of brutal force.

About This Cause

Accept International works to de-radicalize and reintegrate not only individuals and areas that face high risks of radicalization, but also those who were already involved in acts of terrorism. By downsizing human resources of terrorist groups in the field level, we aim to resolve terrorism and unending conflicts. Conventionally, armed conflicts have been resolved by the form of peace treaties. This approach is one that is done through dialogues between people and parties concerned in the conflicts. However, in the face of increasing numbers of conflicts caused by terrorist groups - accounting for approximately 44% of armed conflicts worldwide - it is significantly difficult to engage communication, thus the international society is in heavy search for innovative approaches. Through the approach of providing and creating a path to de-radicalization and proactive reintegration for persecutors of armed conflicts, such as terrorists and gang members, we aim to encourage them to defect and break free from their current environment. Furthermore, by preventing vulnerable individuals from joining such terrorist groups, we establish a positive virtuous cycle towards conflict resolution. Absolutely no one is born a terrorist, and we have learned from history that armed forces alone does not help end terrorism. This is why we use peaceful methods such as workshops, skill training programs, and counseling sessions to de-radicalize and reintegrate individuals into society.

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