Arakawa Clean Aid Forum

Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 132-0033 Japan

Mission Statement

1994年から荒川から始まった清掃活動で累計参加者数は25万人以上。河川や海洋ごみ問題が社会課題として徐々に認知され始めているが、海洋ごみの約7-8割は河川を伝って流入している。荒川という都市河川をモデル事例に全国の河川ごみ問題の解決を目指している。 The cumulative number of participants in the cleanup activities, which began in 1994 with the Arakawa River, is more than 250,000. The problem of river / marine litter is gradually becoming recognized as a social issue. Approximately 70-80% of marine litter flows into rivers. Using the urban river as a model, we aim to solve the problem of river litter throughout world.

About This Cause

春季と秋季を活動のピークに年間1.3万人が参加する河川清掃活動。特徴の1つとしてICC(International Coastal Clean up)調査「調べるごみ拾い」を展開している。拾う人を増やして捨てる人を減らす取り組み。海洋にごみが流出する前に河川で回収する「早期回収」とそもそもごみが出ないようにする「発生源対策」を柱に河川/海洋ごみ問題の解決を目指している。 This is a river cleanup activity in which 13,000 people participate annually, with activities peaking in the spring and fall. One of the features of the program is the development of the ICC (International Coastal Clean up) survey, "Pick up trash to find out. This is an initiative to increase the number of people who pick up trash and reduce the number of people who throw it away. The program aims to solve the problem of river/ocean litter by focusing on "early collection" to collect litter in rivers before it flows into the ocean and "source control" to prevent litter from being generated in the first place.

Arakawa Clean Aid Forum
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