Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation 3keys

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0805 Japan

Mission Statement

認定NPO法人3keys(スリーキーズ)は、虐待により家庭に頼ることのできない子どもや、虐待、自殺、妊娠などの悩みについて助けを求める子どもに、必要な支援を届けます。 We, 3keys, provide necessary support for children who cannot rely on family support due to abuses and those who seek help from bullying, suicides, pregnancies and so on.

About This Cause

Our philosophy is to provide social safety net for all children that will secure their human rights and growth. Based on this philosophy, we do three projects below:

We provide education programs inside and outside orphanages that accommodate children who suffered from abuses. Some of them are dropout students from high school and others who lose wills to enter universities due to lack of self-esteem. We aim to re-build the children’s self-esteem through educational supports. In fiscal 2017, we supported 126 children.

<子どもの権利:Children's human rights>
We provide an online counseling service and a website called "Mex" where teenagers can search supports and ask for help. In fiscal 2017, 4,387 children were able to access our services.

<啓発:Social awareness>
We provide some information through seminars, books and media. We aim to raise social awareness about these issues and encourage other people to join and help. In fiscal 2017, 1,731 people attended our seminars.

Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation 3keys
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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0805
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