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Mission Statement

Yumeshokunin is a non-profit organization which aims to contribute to the improvement of society by creating a community where children and young adults can learn and grow together. Since 2004 we have been supporting various community education and training projects, largely in the Greater Tokyo Area. We offer young people opportunities to experience nature, take part in outdoor activities, sports and recreation, learn about culture, art, and much more. Children are our future. It is important not just for teachers and parents to support their development, but for all of society to support the development of every child. At Yumeshokunin we offer programmes which capitalize on the educational resources of the local area, teaming up with local administrations, businesses, organizations and the public.

About This Cause

1. “Kids Club”, giving children the opportunity to have fun new experiences. We offer extra-curricular education programmes to elementary and middle school students (ages 6-15 yrs) during weekends, consecutive holidays and extended holiday periods (summer, winter and spring). We run single day events and camps with overnight stay. Children from different schools and regions are formed into groups, working together to tackle all sorts of activities and challenges. 2. “Playpark”, building an adventure play area. On the notice boards in the parks of Tokyo there are lots of signs telling you not to do things. “Don’t shout”, “Don’t dig holes”, “Don’t climb trees”… Using the natural environment we have a go at creating spaces where children can play freely, respecting their imagination, individuality and independance. They can take part in a range of activities like painting, woodwork and handicrafts, or even just run around. We also set up our own handmade play equipment. Lots of toddlers and children come with their parents to play! 3. “Volunteer Club”, encouraging young adults to join in. Our Volunteer Club (aimed at high school to university students and young adults in their twenties) gives young people a gateway to supporting our educational activities for children. Lots of people who have graduated from our Kids Club come back to help, but we’re always happy to welcome new people as well. We give all of our young volunteers training so that they can tackle these educational activities. We support them so that children can have a safe and exciting experience. We are proud to support the development of children in the local areas: regional schools and children’s houses make use of our Kids Club, Playpark, and other activities. 4."Table for Kids", food program for families in difficult financial situations. The impact of COVID-19 is more serious for vulnerable people, and even their everyday meals are at risk. Table for Kids is a food program of Yumeshokunin, involving families in difficult financial situations and neighborhood restaurants. This program issues meal coupons that are reteemable in member restaurants to those families.We believe that a healthy diet is essential for children's education, physically and mentally. 5. "Eduwell Journal", Our Webmedia. Read our webmagazine to find out about information on welfare and on education to support children and young adults. There are articles written by active experts in fields such as education and welfare, giving you their professional views and first-hand experiences of important issues.

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