Smile Community Centre

Nairobi, , 196-00518 Kenya

Mission Statement

To promote self-reliance, education and well being of marginalized children,women and youth in the informal settlements.

About This Cause

Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, with an economic growth rate of 5.7% between 2015 and 2019 according to the world bank. With such a high economic growth rate, it attracts a lot of investors in all sectors of business be it, agriculture, healthcare, finance, technology and so many more. Opportunities for growing Kenya are so many and varied. However, even with such promise in Kenya, there is still a part of society that lies forgotten and desolate. In any neighbourhood in Kenya, you will find a divide between the elite and the poverty-stricken estates. Walking into different parts of Nairobi early in the morning, you will realize that the streets are filled with homeless men, women and children, sleeping on cardboard boxes and covering themselves with potato sacks. Poverty in Kenya’s cities still astounds most given the fast growth of our economy. Negative factors such as HIV/AIDS, lack of education and lack of consistent and substantial income are contributing factors to the increasing population of underprivileged people in informal settlements. This section of society requires all the positive aid it can be given if they are to rise from the position they are at right now. Smile Community Centre was first founded in the year 2009 as a self-help group by Margret Nekesa, a mother of three, who saw the need in society for a safe haven for her community where youth, women and orphaned or vulnerable children in the informal settlements could gain support, training and counselling to help them make a better life for themselves. The centre was later re-registered from a self-help group to a community-based organization in 2016 to run community-based charity programs. It has a children’s home that supports orphaned or vulnerable children in needs such as education, food, shelter and medication. It also extends community support through seasoned outreach programs such as the feeding program that targets children, mothers and the elderly from poor informal neighbourhoods. The children's home is a daily charity program that rescues and takes care of orphaned or vulnerable children. It runs through the support of wellwishers and the routine needs include medication, food, school uniforms and school fees. The centre is located in the informal settlements of Soweto, Eastlands of Nairobi City, Kenya Wellwishers are highly encouraged to support the centre through volunteering, financial or material support (Books, food, clothes etc)

Smile Community Centre
Mzesa, Soweto Kayole
Nairobi, 196-00518
Phone +254721318869
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