Viešoji įstaiga 'Aleksandro Herceno fondas'

Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, 09312 Lithuania

Mission Statement

We help victims of unlawful, politically motivated criminal prosecution in Russia since 2009.

About This Cause

‘Political Prisoners Support. Memorial’ is an independent human rights project that collects, researches, and systematizes information about unlawful, politically motivated criminal prosecutions. Additionally, the project provides assistance to victims of such prosecutions. We continue to operate based on the principles, approaches, and methods that guided the work of the Memorial Human Rights Centre. Specifically, decisions regarding whether a defendant or convicted person in a given case of criminal prosecution meets the criteria to be designated a political prisoner and, accordingly, should be included in the respective lists, are made by a broader and representative Council consisting of authoritative Russian human rights defenders. What do we do? - We gather information about cases of unlawful, politically motivated criminal prosecution. - We compile and maintain lists of Russian political prisoners. - We disseminate information about specific criminal cases, individuals subjected to political repression, and their fates. On our website, you will find case files, copies of documents, links to media publications about the cases and trials, statements by lawyers and human rights defenders, open letters, and texts of appeals in their support, as well as articles from the media. - We help find and pay for lawyers for people prosecuted for political reasons and provide support to their families. - We report on planned protests, events, and campaigns of solidarity in support of political prisoners, as well as possible forms of assistance for each.

Viešoji įstaiga 'Aleksandro Herceno fondas'
Seimyniskiu G. 11-4
Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis 09312
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