Sengires fondas

Vilnius district, Vilniaus Apskritis, 14103 Lithuania

Mission Statement

Where nature belongs to itself, without any human influence. It’s a space where people don’t cultivate or save the forest according to their own understanding, where all organisms are equal and no one is thought of as harmful.

About This Cause

Ancient Woods Foundation / Sengirės fondas aims to preserve old-growth forests and its biodiversity, and to make those forests publicly available.

Activities of the foundation are based on privately donated funds, that are fully dedicated to the acquisition of old-growth forest plots in Lithuania. The forests are protected from felling to become first public ancient forests.

"Human protects what he loves, and loves what he knows very well." - Mindaugas Survila, director of the documentary "Ancient Woods" and one of key initiators of the Foundation.

And it is still time to protect the old growth forests - thus the large team of scientists and professionals has united by this common goal and invites businesses to collaborate too.

Sengires fondas
A. Mickeviciaus St. 31 Juodsiliai
Vilnius district, Vilniaus Apskritis 14103
Phone +370 618 10909
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