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Mission Statement

Help us to empower families in Uganda in 2024! Our mission is to empower families in Uganda to rise above poverty. We use an integrated approach and focus on the development of economic, social, natural, human, and cultural capital. 22STARS collaborates with communities in Acholi Quarter in the capital Kampala and Danida in Jinja, who live in extreme poverty after having fled conflict zones in Northern Uganda and neighbouring countries.

About This Cause

HOW CAN YOU HELP? "The thrill of taking lasts a day. The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime." Sponsor a child and change a life! At 22STARS we believe education is the key to fighting poverty and disease. Therefore, a sponsorship is a long-term commitment which occurs through a recurring payment plan. With only 25 euro a month, you can have a big impact on a child`s future and community! Help us keep our programs running! We focus on a holistic approach to education. Next to sponsoring a child, we run additional programs throughout the year benefitting all the children and the community in which they live. Make a recurring or on-time donation to a program of your choice. We run the following programs throughout the whole year: Nutrition, Entrepreneurship, Music Classes, Computer Lessons, Health and Local Leadership. About us 22STARS is run by Susan Laker, Aidah Wafula (Ugandan) and Stella Airoldi (Dutch/German). The trio first met in Uganda in 2009. Years of witnessing how entrepreneurship and education impacted Susan’s life, was the inspiration and motivation for the three to align their powers and start 22STARS. First they founded the 22STARS jewellery business in 2013; that sells beautiful products handmade from recycled paper by the women in Uganda. Then in 2017, the 22STARS foundation was registered in the Netherlands as an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization), and in Uganda as a Grassroot/Community Based Organization. Our Project Locations ──────────────────────────────────── Background of Acholi Quarter in Kampala Acholi quarter is a poverty-stricken community in Kampala. The community is mostly comprised of Acholi people who fled from war affected areas in Northern Uganda during the civil war from 1986-2006. The community is also comprised of many other tribes i.e., Busoga, Baganda, Itesos, Banyankole, Banyarwanda. Stone quarrying is the most common form of employment which was, and still is, being carried out. However, many people are leaving the quarry as increasing market demand has meant that new opportunities for business have become available. 22STARS is an organization that is positively impacting the Acholi Quarter community by providing education and medical support to children. It is currently facilitating entrepreneurship skills and knowledge training so as to equip the youths, adults and parents with sustainable business ideas in order to make their passion a reality and help them to help themselves. Background of Danida in Jinja According to previous and current research conducted by the Uganda Bureau of statistics, Busoga (Eastern Ugandan) is one of the poorest regions in the country, the number of poor people living in rural areas is approximated to be 10 million. To be part of the solution to this crisis, 22STARS established their second project location in the Jinja District, with the main objectives being poverty eradication and reduction of unemployment through entrepreneurship knowledge, experience and skills training, and school sponsorships.

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